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President Obama's Innauguration Address - Assignment Example

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But he also believes that to maintain those values in changing times, people must come together to evolve new mechanisms that would help meet the…
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President Obamas Innauguration Address
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Extract of sample "President Obama's Innauguration Address"

Response President Obama upholds the fundamental values of founding constitution for ensuring equality and freedom to pursue happiness. But he also believes that to maintain those values in changing times, people must come together to evolve new mechanisms that would help meet the challenges of time.
Response 2
The philosophy of collective action to meet the challenges of time is integral to the inaugural address of President Obama. The fast changing technologies, rapid globalization, environment degradation, increasing terrorism etc. are important issues which need to be addressed collectively.
Response 3
When Obama refers to absolutism, he indirectly refers to the rigidity of republicans to embrace change. Obama has directly challenged the political ideologies of republicans that thrive of rigid principles and says that they must evolve with times to meet new challenges successfully. He is actually referring to the realistic values of American democratic process that is able to acknowledge change and innovate to ensure the fundamental values of freedom and equality to the people.
Response 4
President Obama’s inaugural address asserts his agenda for the current presidential tenure. He is serious in promoting universal healthcare, greater opportunities for marginalized population and new responses to face other challenges of times. New issues like climate change, gays’ rights etc. have also been included in his agenda. Indeed, issues like environment, sustainable development, diversity etc. require proactive participation of people and government which Obama claims as collective action.
Response 5
Obama’s strategy is clearly defined when he declares his allegiance to God and country and not to party and faction. He believes that he needs to think like a common man so that he is better able to understand their problems. Indeed, I believe that this approach would help him to push reforms, especially healthcare reforms and ensure equal opportunities so that poor can avail same opportunities for growth and development.
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The New York Times. (2013, January 21). Barack Obamas Complete 2013 Inauguration Speech. Podcast retrieved from Read More
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