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History and Background of Fluoride Varnish - Article Example

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A paper "History and Background of Fluoride Varnish" reports that fluoride varnish is an effective and cost-effective method recognized specifically in the contemporary dental field which is attributed to the fact that the data gathered to cover the 5 years of research related to the method…
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History and Background of Fluoride Varnish
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Extract of sample "History and Background of Fluoride Varnish"

Download file to see previous pages One common factor in the data gathered is the sample population which is composed mostly children on the basis of the fact that the application of fluoride-containing products or treatment can be considered effective in the said age group. Fluoride varnish is a substance most specifically referred to as lacquer that is composed of 5% sodium fluoride that combined in a colophony or resin base which is used and applied on teeth to provide an immediate need for fluoride on the tooth surface. Compared to other fluoride-containing products the said substance is more effective but is needed to be applied by professionals (Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors Fluorides Committee, 2007). There are different issues that can be considered essentially related to the application and use of fluoride varnishes such as the components, the mechanism of action and the efficacy of the use. These concepts can be considered associated with the objective of the review undertaken which is the presentation of the history and background of the use of fluoride varnish. To be able to present the use of fluoride varnish in the dental field, an assimilation of empirical studies of the different functions from the onset of application and recognition of the treatment is included. This is to be able to view the inquiry specifically regarding the efficacy and effect of the application of fluoride varnish in the dental field. The applications of fluoride varnish for different ages with varying dental problems and ailments are included in the review undertaken. Included in the said dental problems being targeted by the application of fluoride varnish are caries, demineralization etc. One of the recognized uses of fluoride is presented in the study regarding the application of fluoride varnish as a public health measure against caries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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