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In the paper “The Second Lebanon War” the author analyses the war, which was started by Hezbollah militants, who had fired rockets at Israel border as a diversionary technique to attack patrolling Israel soldiers. The media had lapped up the war that had generated mass reaction all through the world…
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The Second Lebanon War
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The main purpose was to gain generate sympathy for the civilians and indirectly support the cause of Hezbollah militants.
Altering the photographs digitally for vested interests was ethically wrong. The journalists are supposed to present the real situation to the people so the people can correlate with the event and accordingly propose a course of action. In this case, the digitally altered photographs were meant to show gruesome and grotesque footage of war-torn areas and people and incite Muslims for the acts of terrorism and indirectly garner support for Hezbollah militants in their war against the Israelis.
Journalists are pillars of our society and they need to be ethically correct in discharging their duty to disseminate correct information to the public at large. Violation of academic trust through plagiarism, cheating, falsifying information or aiding and abetting in any of the nefarious activities are now serious offenses and they are considered as totally unacceptable conduct in all areas of work, including journalism. Hence their professional honesty is crucial in promoting correct facts and interpretation on issues and topics that are socially, economically and politically relevant.
Answer 3
What implications (short and long-term) could his actions have?
The actions of the Lebanese photo-journalist will have long term implications not only for the said journalist but the whole cadre of the journalist would become the target for vested interest and may be labeled as dishonest people who cannot be trusted. As the short term repercussion, the said journalist might lose his job as well as his credibility amongst his peers.
The long term implications of his actions would have reverberated in the world of journalism which boasts of extensive power to influence the critically sensitive paradigms of our time which is fraught with conflicting ideologies and unholy alliances of the vested interests. It would also erode a sense of responsibility and integrity in the works of honest journalists. Hence journalistic honesty is critical to the advancement of knowledge and awareness of the events that are taking place throughout the world. Read More
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The Second Lebanon War Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 459 Words.
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