Military training and indoctrination of children in palestinian refugees camp in Lebanon - Research Proposal Example

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When it comes to the wars around the world one of the recurrent wars that has been continuous is the Palestinian war in which thousands of people have been displaced to the neighboring Lebanon. Lebanon itself has experienced numerous and countless war between various factions…
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Military training and indoctrination of children in palestinian refugees camp in Lebanon
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Download file to see previous pages This has resulted in many underage children being drafted in the war without their wish as they are school going children. It is purported that the children especially of the Palestinian Refugee camps around the Lebanon have undergone military training and also have been indoctrinated and as such are participating in wars when they are very young. This research proposal, aims at exploring how the war has affected the children especially in the Palestinian Refugee camp and how the fact that children are recruited to fight is against the international criminal law.
Internally, in the recent past the political violence has been very rampant in Lebanon. In 2007 September a parliamentarian who was very prominent, Antoine Ghanem and six others were killed in a car bomb that was part of a series of political assassination in Beirut and nobody claimed responsibility for the attack1. In another incident in 2007 was the fight between the government troops and the Fatah-al-Islam that was an armed group and they fought in the Nahr-al-Bared refugee camp for more than three months that ended when the army took control of the camp in September, 20072. The war itself around the refugee camp had resulted with more than 300 people including civilians’ dead. This and many other internal wars indicate the volatility of Lebanon as a country and the vulnerability of the country to be on the brink of war. In addition to the political violence there is a great polarization of the Lebanese society that revolves around the political parties that exist in the country. The polarization is mostly divided along the religious and the communal line and it keeps on mounting (Byers 68). The democracy of the country is solely based on the delicate distribution of powers and institutions among the communities in Lebanon. This democracy is mostly very fragile with the cause being the parties keep on shifting their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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