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Intervention in a shared traumatic Reality : A new Challenge for Social worker - Essay Example

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Intervention in a Shared Traumatic Reality: A new Challenge for Social Worker Introduction: Shared traumatic reality is practiced by a social worker who has undergone the same traumatic event as his clients. It examines the challenges of a social worker’s mental health as to work in traumatizing situations, which they had been through previously (Dekel & Baum, 2010)…
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Intervention in a shared traumatic Reality : A new Challenge for Social worker
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Download file to see previous pages Here, the social worker and the client share the same stress and tragedy. For instance, war and terrorist attacks are mainly considered as a traumatic reality. In such a situation, the social worker needs to control his or her feelings and emotions in a profeesional manner as to provide a better service to the clients.. Epistemology investigates the “unitary realism” of knowledge. The epistemological origin is related with the reality of a research topic (Trainor & Graue, 2013). It examines the feasibility, boundaries, and the structure of the research subject. The epistemological origin of the research implicates on how well the research topic is analyzes and studied by the researcher. This involves checking the source of research knowledge and its methods. In shared traumatic reality, the epistemological concept enquires the reality of the shared traumatic social condition. It defines the limits of the social work, practice and truthfulness of the subject. Previous research on shared traumatic reality contains both qualitative and quantitative approaches for research. In this particular branch of practice, traumatic reality is considered as quantitative and objective. ...
It explores various facts, which the researcher has found out for example regarding traumatic reality from an ontological viewpoint. It examines the interactions between the client and the social worker as well as their performance as a whole. In this branch of philosophy, the concept of epistemology consists of “knowledge” and how the researcher “acquired” it (Mc Namee , 2005). Here it shows that there is an impact of the shared traumatic reality with the social worker because the therapist has encountered the same event as the client. The qualitative approach helps the social worker in understanding the emotions of their clients more effectively and it increases the “empathetic” attitude (Dekel & Baum, 2009). The shared traumatic reality consists of three approaches. Kretsch et al (1997) explains it thoroughly: the first approach of ‘shared reality’ with the illustration of the gulf war on a therapist and survivor. During the war, they shared the same experience, that is, how they faced the “scud missile attacks” (Dekel & Baum, 2009). The second approach is called ‘shared tragedy’. According to Seeley (2003), the therapist and the client share the tragic experience of something bad that has happened to their family members or damages to their personal property. The terrorist attack in USA on 11 September, 2001 provides more “recognition” to this concept, where so many lost their family members to the massive attacks (Dekel & Baum, 2009). The third approach of shared traumatic reality is called ‘sharing the same stress,’ that is, it relates with the stress among the client and therapist who have witnessed a terrorist attack from a close range and that person could be their friend, neighbor or a family member. Research plays ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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