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An Analysis of the History and Development of the European Union - Essay Example

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This study aims to investigate the purpose behind the integration of the EU; and its effectiveness in realizing these objectives. In this regard, the study examines the functioning of the various institutions of the EU, and the effectiveness of its various policies. …
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An Analysis of the History and Development of the European Union
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Extract of sample "An Analysis of the History and Development of the European Union"

Download file to see previous pages This study focuses on the development of the European Union on account of integration. The European Community was constituted, in order to restore peace in Europe subsequent to the Second World War. It was formed with the sole objective of preventing war, and to bring about peace and friendship between the inimical countries of Europe. To this end, efforts were made to not only establish better relations between France and Germany, but also to reintroduce Germany into the comity of nations as a responsible and competent state. This move was undertaken, principally, to strengthen Western unity, which helped to establish unilateral action that dispelled the fear of retaliation by the Eastern countries. Therefore, the fundamental objective of establishing the European Community was to build up mutual confidence between the East and the West. The second objective of the EC was to eliminate economic disparities, which had emerged during the 1930s, in Europe by ignoring the global recovery policy. There was a huge economic crisis, and almost all the nations in Europe had sustained a downward economic trend. This situation resulted in a number of dictatorships. Subsequent to the end of World War II, the Organization for European Economic Cooperation or OEEC established some measures for economic uplift in the European nations. The European Community built upon the efforts of the OEEC and established a common market in Europe, by pooling all the economic resources of its Member States. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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