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Role of the Construction Industry (UK) in disaster preparedness - Dissertation Example

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With the rapidly growing rate of terrorism all around the world, the U.K.’s construction industry has a crucial note to play in order to protect the both its buildings and its people working in the buildings who are vulnerable to terrorists attacks. …
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Role of the Construction Industry (UK) in disaster preparedness
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Download file to see previous pages The experiences gathered from the previous disruptions such as the World Trade Center collapse and the Manchester Bombing Case, which have taken tolls of lives of the innocents along with crumpling the economies of the respective nations. Guidelines which are formed from these recommendations lay the basis for upgrading the existing structures in UK as well as for planning dynamic designs in future keeping in mind the protection factor. The aftermaths of these historical hazards provide umpteen numbers of valuable recommendations and guides, the adoption of which will ensure a higher level of safety to the buildings and inhabitants in UK. The present UK with its buildings reaching out to the sky and its shopping malls spreading wide, the rise in the concern of the building industry is inevitable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Role of the Construction Industry (UK) in Disaster Preparedness Dissertation)
Role of the Construction Industry (UK) in Disaster Preparedness Dissertation.
“Role of the Construction Industry (UK) in Disaster Preparedness Dissertation”, n.d.
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