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History of Black and Indian relations among the Florida Seminoles - Essay Example

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The author of the present essay "History of Black and Indian relations among the Florida Seminoles" aims to describe the origin and development history of the The Black Seminoles, including particular history events and periods…
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History of Black and Indian relations among the Florida Seminoles
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"History of Black and Indian relations among the Florida Seminoles"

Download file to see previous pages As early as 1689, Africans fled from British-American colonies to the Spanish controlled Florida in search of freedom. A new influx of these freedom-seeking blacks reached Florida during the American Revolution. During this Revolution, the American slaves agreed to fight for the British in exchange for liberty. They built settlements near the Seminoles as both had a common interest to escape slavery. They built separate villages of thatched-roof houses surrounded by fields of corn and swamp rice, and they maintained friendly relations with the mixed population of refugee Indians (Joseph A Opala). The Seminoles Indians also allied with the British for this fight. This brought the two – the Africans and the Indian Seminoles - into increased contact with each other. Members of both the communities sided with the British during the War of 1812. This helped them to solidify their ties. Gradually the two groups came to view themselves as part of the same organized tribe. Their relations solidified to such an extent that the US Government could not break them apart. Intermarriages and friendships were common. They became such close allies that they came to be known as the Black Seminoles.
At this point when the Africans and the Indian Seminoles first came into contact, the Seminoles were themselves recent immigrants to Florida. The Africans adopted their clothing and the Indians acquired taste for rice and appreciation for their music and folklore. At that time, they were known as Gullahs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History of Black and Indian Relations Among the Florida Seminoles Essay.
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