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The author of the paper “The Formation of Florida as a New State “ considers peculiarities of Florida and Iowa’s admission to the Union. There are numerous parallels traced by the paper in historical development of the two future states, advantageous or disadvantageous for their entry in the US…
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Download file to see previous pages Unification of Florida and the USA is a significant event in American history. It is reflected in the fact that formation of Florida as a new state proved its beneficial effect for safety and development of American lands, as well as harmonious life of their residents. Being the territory actively inhabited by the Seminole tribe of Indians, which caused serious troubles to the US Army, Florida received necessary assistance of American Government regarding the issue of the Seminoles’ outrage. In particular, such acute factors as safety matter and an issue of slavery appear to be the main aspects of Florida’s formation as a new state of America.
Safety Matter as a Reason for Florida’s Becoming the US State
The first condition, which caused unification of Florida and America, is a consequence of active migration of the Seminoles from north to Florida after weakening of Spanish positions on the peninsula. Actually, it was the beginning of long-lasting opposition between the Seminoles and American Army, as a result of Indians’ aggression towards Americans, resulted in three Seminole wars. Actually, Indians motivated their actions as a desire to protect their territory. Despite this fact, American government was aware of another one, that is, the Seminoles constantly made devastating raids on neighboring Georgia (Florida Becomes a Territory). All in all, the outrage of the Seminoles became a threat to peace of Americans and their harmonious development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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