Case Study 1: Florida Department of Management Services, Part I - Assignment Example

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Case Study 1: Florida Department of Management Services Name Institution Analyze the security mechanisms needed to protect the DMS systems from both state employees and users accessing over the Internet. To protect the DMS system from internet users and states employees, the Florida Department of Management Services instituted a huge information system network that was meant at serving states agencies in more than ten regional sites in Florida states…
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Case Study 1: Florida Department of Management Services, Part I
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Case Study Florida Department of Management Services Analyze the security mechanisms needed to protect the DMS systems from both state employees and users accessing over the Internet. To protect the DMS system from internet users and states employees, the Florida Department of Management Services instituted a huge information system network that was meant at serving states agencies in more than ten regional sites in Florida states. The information system network transmitted the entire information that was collected from government agencies to a specialised data centre in Tallahassee. The system relied on proprietary network architecture as well as mainframe at the data centre, Tallahassee. The key aim of the plan was to address the short-term security problems that affected Florida administrative institutions as well as central government agencies. The plan to instituted DMS system was expected to take place in 30 months period (Comer, 2007). Critique the transition process performed by the DMS in the case study. Then, recommend two (2) alternatives to the IP infrastructure or applications not already mentioned in the case study. The transition process was aimed at addressing short-term security problems in the administration and communication in government agencies. The transition progress failed to maximally utilise the available internet applications and services. In the initial stage of the transition process, government agencies encountered severe problem in communicating with each other .Moreover, communication between government agencies and their suppliers was ineffective and extremely slow. The IP infrastructures over-used the existing telephone companies. Application of DMS encountered significant resistant from different quarters in its attempt to outsource its IP application due to lack of router-based services. Lack of router-based services forced the agencies to build their own network. In addition, the transition process was incredibly expensive and a complicated process that required a lot of time and resources. Alternative Dark fibres Compared to IP infrastructures, the dark fibre has over years proved to be an effective device in transmitting information in form of light signals. Dark fibre relies on optical fibre cables in carrying light signals form one source of information to another. Moreover, compared to IP infrastructures, a dark fibre has high capability of transmitting high quality data. The efficiency of dark fibres is relatively high and dependable as opposed to low level of efficiency in IP infrastructures. The cost of installing and managing dark fibre is relative low and considerate. SONET/SDH The cost of installing SONET/SDH is exceptionally considerate compared to the cost and time required in installing IP infrastructures. SONET application is effective in transmitting timely and efficient information. The application relies on hand width efficiency devices in transmitting information from one source to another. The applications is known for utilising effectively internet services as opposed to ineffective internet services in IP infrastructures (Louis, 2009) Critique the merits of the major services found on the DMS Website. Although the IP infrastructure was effective in linking over 600 users in 10 cities, there were consistent delays in transfer of information from one source to another. The ability of the communication controller to handle SNA traffic in and out of the main stream exposed the government department into a risk caused by delays in transmission of information. Moreover, even if the IP infrastructures and internet applications were effective in connecting personal computers and workstations through LANS, the process of installing IP infrastructures proved to be very costly and economically unviable. Despite of its success in storing information for over 12500 states employees, the systems failed to fully adhere to the constitutions provision of right to privacy. The system exposes people private information into public scrutiny. In addition, although the services offered by IP applications are reliable, the services were slow and ineffective. The IP applications does not offers services of configuring clients request as compared to other computer applications that offers an opportunity for service users to effectively configure their request. The “Spur-view” purchasing application is also known for generating a lot of traffic in IP application system (Denning, Comer, Gries, Mulder, Tucker, Turner, and Young, 2009). Recommend an Additional Service to Add To the DMS Website To prosper in contemporary technologically oriented society, the Florida Department of Management Services should incorporate services that will help clients to configure their request. On the other hand, the inclusion price determination applications will be incredibly effective in necessitating the organisation’s quality service delivery. The Florida Department of Management should include wild-card services in their systems in order to advance their communication technical ability. The PC-based spreadsheets should the technical ability to retrieve and store essential data either in form of charts or graphs (Tucker, 2004). References Comer. D. (2007). Inter-networking with TCP/IP volume 1: Principle, Protocol and architectures, New York, NY: Prentice Hall Denning, P., Comer, D., Gries, D., Mulder, M., Tucker, A., Turner, A., & Young, P. R. (2009). Computing as a discipline. Communications of the America Communication Journal, 32: 9–23 Louis F. (2009). The Role of the University in Computers, Data Processing, and Related Fields. America Journals Communications, 2 (9): 7– 23 Tucker, A. (2004). Computer Science Handbook (2nd Ed.). 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