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Area 51 - Essay Example

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Area 51 dates back to Second World War. The United States army base was situated in grid number 51(the area.), Nevada. This area is used by the United States Air force for introducing new aircraft and testing the aircraft. During the Second World War, this location was the bombing place…
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Area 51
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Area 51

Download file to see previous pages... This place was preferred as it is located far away from the city. Few years later, various lights started appearing and since then heavy security is provided around that area. This made the government to shut down all the places from where the area 51 could be seen.
This area is surrounded by Groom Lake on one side and NTs on the other side. Rachel is the nearest place from Area 51.Later people started to believe that the area is used to test aircrafts and other UFOs which caused the lights to appear. This area is comprised of workplaces, houses and runways for the aircraft. Railway facility is enabled as there are some underground lines that connect some of the nearby states. This place is also used as the training centre for the military and security forces. The aircrafts used in the military are tested and experimented in this place. Hence area 51 was helpful in conducting test operations of the proposed aircrafts.
normal movements are observed and kept under supervision using the radar. The area surrounding Area51 is acquired by government and it is made sure that no outsider is allowed inside. Since the place is out of the reach of normal population, it is difficult to locate this place easily. Area 51 is considered as the head quarters of the U.S military and Air force. (Strickland 2005).The happenings of this place are maintained as a secret. The officials are divided into groups and assigned to various projects. They would be under the control of group heads and they take care of the ongoing projects. Each time a new aircraft is designed, they are tested to ensure proper working of the system. Satellites play a vital role in these areas.
As each and every action has to be under the supervision, satellites are used. Security is the important aspect of this area, as the information regarding the country's military and air force have to be kept intact. Circuit cameras are installed in all the important locations to record the activities. Only few people are given permission to enter the restricted area. Many level of security checks are conducted to make sure only authorized people are permitted. The information pertaining to the aircrafts and their development are also kept as a secret. The project head and the team members are instructed not to disclose any information to others.(Desjardins 2008). Every employee should sign a bond that specifies the details regarding this place will be kept as a secret. A person working in an aircraft is not allowed to gather information regarding another project that is being developed.
Even access to information from the system is limited. Unless a person has undergone the highest level of security clearance, he is not allowed to access the

details pertaining to each and every system. Since Area 51 is composed of military and security of a country, high security is maintained.
Inside Area 51
Since the area is not open for public movement, the officials and employees make use of separate planes. Unique identification numbers are given to each aircraft which are being used specifically for this purpose. Professional trained people are appointed as pilots, so that they can easily handle the specially designed flights. The area is prohibited from trespassers and warning boards are kept at each and every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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