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German perpetrators committed the Holocaust - Essay Example

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The Holocaust was absolutely one of the most horrific events of the 20th century,and the term 'Holocaust' is basically used to describe "the killing of approximately six million European Jews during World War II" as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the Nazi regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler"…
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German perpetrators committed the Holocaust
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German perpetrators committed the Holocaust

Download file to see previous pages... The Holocaust was absolutely one of the most horrific events of the 20th century,and the term 'Holocaust' is basically used to describe "the killing of approximately six million European Jews during World War II" as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the Nazi regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler" In order to be able to even remotely understand the Holocaust properly, there is a multitude of issues that need to be thoroughly addressed and discussed. Many people over time have attempted to explain the reasons as to why German perpetrators followed orders to commit mass murder, and the aim of this paper is to discuss whether or not these reasons are illuminating, as well as the reasons why they are or are not. By doing this, we will not only be able to get the answers to this, but as well will be able to better understand the issue of the Holocaust overall. This is what will be dissertated in the following.There are many different occurrences which have taken place in the world which have left an incredible impact and have significantly influenced the future that lay ahead of it dramatically, and the Holocaust is, without a doubt, one of these described occurrences. There are so many questions that surround the Holocaust, namely that of how such ordinary people could have participated in such an unholy and unimaginable act of racism and hatred. Each person seems to have their own taking and view on this issue, and any account of the Holocaust itself truly has to take views such as this into consideration in order to be able to gain a proper understanding on the occurrence itself at all. In reality, although surely there are followers to each different explanation, at the same time there are obviously going to be those which are more believable and comprehendible than others, and it is important to determine which is which, thus proving the incredible need for a discussion of the matter of the different reasons that have been used in the past in order to explain about the matter of how so many people could act so insensitive and callous and commit torture and murder to innocent human beings.
The Holocaust was an occurrence which was characterized by the efficient and systematic attempt to assemble and kill as many people as possible, and for example, "detailed lists of potential victims were made and maintained using Dehomag statistical machinery, and meticulous records of the killings were produced. As prisoners entered the death camps, they were made to surrender all personal property to the Nazis, which was then precisely cataloged and tagged, and for which receipts were issued" (Wette, 2006). The Holocaust was incredibly geographically widespread, and it was systematically conducted in virtually all available areas of Nazi-occupied territory, with the mass killing at its worst being in Central and Eastern Europe, which had more than 7 million Jews in the year 1939.
The Holocaust was an insanely and unimaginably horrific and evil occurrence, which was carried out with any reprieve even for children or babies, and during the actual selection process within the Holocaust, children were divided carefully into two separate groups: those who could work, and those who could not. Those who were deemed as being healthy enough to work were kept alive only because they would be useful, and were given a uniform and a prisoner ID which was tattooed onto them. The children who were not considered as being fit for work were taken immediately to the gas chambers, tortured and killed. There were also many medical experiments which were carried out during the Holocaust, and most of these medical experiments included a great deal of torture; this included the placing of subjects in pressure chambers, testing various drugs on them to see the results and side effects, freezing them to death, and as well various other usually fatal traumas. Those involved with the Holocaust seemed to have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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