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Crito-King - Essay Example

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"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity". The scripture says that a friend decides to love at all times, and regardless of the situation ad without regard to other people. This covers the both the victorious and the trying times.
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Download file to see previous pages In the case of Socrates' imprisonment, Plato's loyalty and love were put on trial as he felt the pressure of being ridiculed by others as to what kind of friend he is to Socrates. It is just appropriate to give credit to the concern that Plato has shown over the life of Socrates. The conversation reveals that he fears for Socrates' life, his family especially the education of Socrates' children and most especially he feared losing a good friend (Plato). This revelation as to what Plato really feels about Socrates' is a normal and valid show of love for a friend.On the other hand, Plato revealed that he feared another evil, and that is to be commented as having loved the money more than his friend (Plato). If he would not pay so that Socrates would escape, there will certainly be murmurs as to what he has done or what he has failed to do and for Plato this is another evil that haunts him, perhaps even more compelling than the pure reason of concern (Plato). In the time of adversity, when Plato's loyalty was on a test, he somewhat faltered.
Another scripture says, "Faithful are the wounds of a friend" (Prov 27.6a). These words can be examined to mean that true friend can withstand seeing his friend suffer a pain if that would be for his good. In this test, Plato did not pass the test because he was not willing to allow Socrates to suffer for what is righteous. By and large, Plato failed to stand the test of a true friendship.I believe King would not try to convince Socrates to escape because the act of escaping is also in contrast to King's conviction. Before we finally seal the argument of King's possible advice to Socrates, it would worthwhile to clear the nature of and the virtue behind the act of escaping. Escaping is an act of turning around from the real issue, something like withdrawal from what one confronts. Escape is different from non-violent resistance as the latter implies direct confrontation of the matter while the former signifies breaking out of what one faces. Certainly, this is not what Martin Luther King personifies.
In the "Letter from Birmingham Jail", Martin Luther King clarified that the demonstration that they were doing aimed to solicit attention in the achievement of proper negotiations with the merchants and other concerned parties (King). The demonstration is a courageous clamor for the concerned violators to face their victims, in a peaceful and diplomatic way. But in all these, he maintained his conviction that the real issue should be dealt by confronting it peacefully. Therefore, escaping will be in contrast to King's principles. This is also what Socrates has obvious believed as he finds it unrighteous to escape and settle in a safe but far place from Athens. For him, this is not virtuous (Plato).
The second argument is that King does not in any way imply that he would resort to a way which is violent and in direct contrast to the law. Unlike demonstration, escaping is a clear violation to the law of the state. And this is not what King stands for. Martin Luther King Jr. saw the need to create tension so as to be liberated from the darkness of prejudice and racism and reach brotherhood and understanding, for the very reason of establishing the state and not to ruin it (King). Socrates has the same attitude, as evidenced by his desire for what is just as he believes that violation of the law will be injustice and doing so will mean a ruin to the very state that they wish to build (Plato).
With the two points that I have argued, I will now lay the strong evidence for such points. On the aspect of escaping as a break out or flee rather than a confrontation of the real issue, it is clearer in the letter of Martin Luther King ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Crito-King Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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