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Lenin and Bolshevik Revolution - Essay Example

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Lenin was famously immersed in communist ideologies; but it does not mean that he was unaware of the negative circumstances and the difficult approach to communism. He had the immense capability of converting difficulties into climbing stones…
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Lenin and Bolshevik Revolution
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Lenin and Bolshevik Revolution

Download file to see previous pages... Throughout Russia had only one leader, Lenin, who planned, plotted, propagated and executed the task of bringing down the monarchy to replace it with the communist rule. Even after coming to power through a bloody path that eliminated ordinary people, the noble class including the royal family, most of which definitely must have happened under his direction, Lenin, unlike Stalin, tried hard to bring justice to the sufferers and wholeheartedly tried to make his dream a practical reality. There are no two opinions about his intentions or the way in which he conducted himself even after becoming the ruler. There were many leaders in Russia of the day; but they were followers of Lenin, and it was only Lenin who dreamt of the revolution, worked for it, planned every move, executed it flawlessly and created a communist society for the first time in the world. Lenin was very aware of the right timings for every action especially so, after the brief and un-prepared coup became unsuccessful. "The Bolsheviks became involved in an abortive coup in July, from which Lenin deduced the importance of the precise timing for any future attempt," says Stephen J. Lee1. After a very long and frustrating life of a fugitive, Lenin was very keen that all his carefully laid out plans should not lead to a disaster. When the first abortive coup happened, he became more careful about the timings and preparations. Even his enemies and critics are impressed by his hard work, planning capability, practicality and the capacity of taking all the circumstances into focus before making any decision. Very few of his decisions went wrong and whenever they did, he took great pains to either correct them or to terminate them. There were no doubt, many leaders and visionaries. But it was he, who guided every step of the revolution, though his successors ruined his achievements to a very large extent. "Lenin is the key to understanding the Russian Revolution. His dream was the creation of the world's first Socialist state. It was a short-lived dream that became a nightmare when Stalin rose to absolute power in 1929. Lenin was the avant-garde revolutionary who adapted Marxist theory to the practical realities of a vast, complex and backward Russia2".

It is very difficult to find a historian who could undermine the role Lenin played in the revolution. People might agree or disagree with him; but they could never ignore him and all historians know that there could not have been a better leader under those circumstances, and anyone other than him, would have been a dismal failure, in throwing out a very powerful monarchy and uniting, modernising a country of the size of a continent. He, according to the requirement of the circumstances, could show the idealistic, modernistic, communist, educationist, heroic and totally committed facets of his personality as a leader thus to find support and sympathy from almost all the sections of Soviet Russia. What he achieved single-handedly would be very difficult to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lenin's The State and Revolution critical summary
It is apparent that without such work, Lenin would not have been able to articulate well the Marxist premise that violent revolution is necessary in destroying the foundations of the bourgeois state, which is the basic requirement for the establishment of socialism and for laying the groundwork for the era of communism.
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The German government during the spring season facilitated his return home. The German government did this to destabilize the Russia economy. The Bolshevik party received support from the Germany government. His arrival in 1917 was appreciated and he later condemned the current leaders including the Petrograd Soviet and the provisional government for their reluctance in aiding the struggle for power.
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The Bolsheviks was founded by Vladimir Lenin and consisted mainly of workers from the autonomous internal government based on the premise of centralism along democratic lines. These Bolsheviks referred to themselves as leaders of the radical working class group in Russia, their doctrines, referred to as Bolshevism, set the Bolsheviks aside from the rest of Russia’s population.
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Lenin finished his writing on state and revolution in 1917 when Russia was in the first stage of development (Lenin 1945, p. 23). The writing and the study of the state and revolution is one of the most important works of Lenin.
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In this system there would be no social classes or private property ownership. Many countries such as Russia have experienced this revolution but in a different manner than depicted by the Marxists. The Russian revolution of 1917 saw the removal of the autocratic tsar from power and a communist government established by Lenin and Trotsky although it later became bureaucratic in nature.
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