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Prompt: The public opinion of the German military in the present day German society - Essay Example

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Title Author Institution Public opinion of the German military in the present day German society The ambivalent character of the military makes it the target of sociological research. The German military has not had a good reputation because of its involvement in World War II and the holocaust…
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Prompt: The public opinion of the German military in the present day German society
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"Prompt: The public opinion of the German military in the present day German society"

Download file to see previous pages In some cases, the military has used its power to overthrow governments. This has been witnessed the world over, from Africa to Asia to Latin America and even in the West. Nevertheless, the military has played a central part in the protection of democracy. The duty of the military to date remains protecting the nation against foreign invasion. Changes in international relations, expectation from the society, the quick drawdown of the military and the increasing nontraditional roles of the military have been responsible for the changed public opinion of the military. Central to this change in opinion has been international relations that affect the military. Changes in public opinion over the military began in the aftermath of the First World War when ideological differences were played out in the international arena leading to interstate conflict (Kummel, 2001). Alliances were formed, and the conflict continued leading up to World War II. After WW II, the dynamics changed and the conflict began to dominate international politics. Globalization and international developments have increasingly put the military under pressure to be morally accountable and increase its participation in transparency and the flow of information. As a result, the German military has increased its peacekeeping missions as seen in the missions of German-American corps, German-French brigade, German- Netherlands Corps and the German-Danish-Polish Corps. The ghosts of past wars are still haunting the German military. The military’s involvement in the promotion in the Second World War and the holocaust keeps does not seem to have been forgotten even by German citizens. The creation of the Bundeswehr in the mid 1950’s and the rearmament of Germany came because of the Cold War and the threat posed by the Korean War. However, the German’s did not agree with the armament initiative a came up with a movement known as ‘Without me’, it opposed the rearmament of the German military. The world events at that time shifted the support towards the armament of the German military. This was largely supported by the need for the establishment of a big army in Europe to counter the threats posed by communism. Bundeswehr was pivotal in the concept of Innere Fuhrung whose elements stressed the need for the army to participate in democratic activities. It also allows soldiers to oppose orders that are seen to be violating laws and human rights. Despite the opposition it received at its inception, Innere Fuhrung is one of the best political reforms to have been instituted in Germany. The initiative gave soldiers the right to exercise their democratic rights and was also supported by a majority of civilians. The shift and rift between the military and the public came in the 1960’s when the new generation of post-World War II Germans questioned the Socialist past of the country and expressed their disgust in the way German authorities eliminated Jews in the holocaust. As a result, changed were instituted to include the introduction of compulsory higher education for the military. To this end, two Bundeswehr universities were established giving rise to the German soldier scholars who are degree holders. Germans held their soldier in high esteem, but the situation changed when more people began to oppose the how the Bundeswehr was discriminating against women. Due to the past of their military, Germans have always been antimilitarism. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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