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Germany and the Germans - Essay Example

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This essay describes a view of Germany and the Germans. This course was filled with a lot of interesting and new information about Germany and the Germans, which changed and enlarged my knowledge about Germany. I certainly had a different image about Germany before taking this class…
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Germany and the Germans
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Extract of sample "Germany and the Germans"

Download file to see previous pages This course was filled with a lot of interesting and new information about Germany and the Germans, which changed and enlarged my knowledge about Germany. However, there were no real surprises for me, instead, it felt as if my view on Germany and the Germany has finally been completed. There are a couple of themes and subjects that I think I might pursue in my future. For instance, we have learnt a lot about German culture, German poets and German thinkers, and I would like to explore this area further. It was interesting to learn about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his impact on German culture, however, I would like to explore the current culture in Germany, especially the popular culture. Therefore, I decided to listen to some online German radio stations and to look up German songs on youtube. Finally, I want to pursue German history and culture even further, and the best way of doing so is probably to travel to Germany. The most important thing that I have learnt from taking this class is that I should never rely on stereotypes. It is absolutely important to always stay open minded for additional information. Although there is some truth to stereotypes, simply because they reflect, to some extent, a certain general characteristic, it is important to not be held back by those stereotypes. In addition, it is not only vital to look beyond existing stereotypes but to also look beyond and even question additional information and knowledge one might think to have. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Germany and the Germans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1)
Germany and the Germans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
“Germany and the Germans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1”, n.d.
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Task: Nazis Victims Memorial The memorial’s location is on a nineteen thousand meters square at the Brandenburg Gate. The setting up of the memorial symbolizes the extent of incomprehensibility of the historical crime that led to the killing of Jews in the country after the First World War. Another memorial in Berlin is a tribute to the Gypsies (Sinti and Roma) who died during the Nazi’s racial purge. There should be separate memorials for the two groups of victims.
The ort, designed by Peter Eisebman, has a name of the victims of the crime. The building of the ort was a good idea as a tribute to the victims of brutal treatment. It is also a responsibility to protect the minority groups in the country from brutal treatment. It...
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er polished his oratory skills but at the same time he could afford himself to unbosom himself to his confidents, which was unacceptable during official speeches.
Trevor-Roper set himself a mission to study the development of Hitler’s thinking - the point that is usually ignored by historians. Hitler’s personality is revealed through these conversations in all its unpleasant grandeur.
The most interesting notes are dated by 1941-1942. At that time Hitler was on the rise and orated with a special inspiration. After Stalingrad, everything changed. It all ended when the Fuhrer, who was hiding in the bunker, increasingly practiced his eloquence only in the circle of sleepy secretaries or in the presence of his aide and doctor....
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The most important time for countries like Germany and the United Kingdom came during the Great Depression. This economic...
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