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Collapse of socialism in the USSR: Where did Gorbachev go wrong - Essay Example

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This paper aims to explain the reasons why ‘mature socialism’ came to a stall and reforms that were necessary to transform the Soviet Union’s economy. It is also set to shed light on areas that Gorbachev failed prior to the dissolution of Soviet Union amid his attempts to resolve economic difficulties. …
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Collapse of socialism in the USSR: Where did Gorbachev go wrong
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"Collapse of socialism in the USSR: Where did Gorbachev go wrong"

Download file to see previous pages The Soviet Union’s ‘mature socialism’ was attempting to achieve privileges for those holding political positions
In the first place, it can be argued that the ‘mature socialism’ of the Soviet Union was a ‘rent-seeking society’. This is attributed to the fact that a pure socialism, as discussed by scholars, cannot be achieved (Harnecker, 2012). The system was majorly used by individuals in various positions of power to gaining privileges. The socialism system of the Soviet Union was characterized by monopoly of both politics and economy. The monopoly, which seemed interlocked, was used by those holding powerful posts to control access of various positions. The social system was already dominated by bureaucrats who continued benefiting via maintaining the soviet system. As a result, the system was viewed by reformists, such as Gorbachev, as an anti-economic growth system. The bureaucrats were majorly associated with selfish interests; it made it difficult for them to contribute to the general economic and social policies that would improve the welfare of the general public.
It can be argued that the general interest of the bureaucrats was to augment the available perquisites and rent. This means that instead of the Soviet Union competing with other countries in terms of economic performance, the country was devoting most of its energy in expanding the levels of bureaucracy (Wallander, 2003, p.153) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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