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Islam, Christianity And Buddhism In The Post Classical Era - Essay Example

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The Post Classical era is a period in history which can be roughly dated to be from 600-1450 CE. 1 It is the time period, when generally the Eastern part of the world had fallen into turmoil and confusion…
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Islam, Christianity And Buddhism In The Post Classical Era
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"Islam, Christianity And Buddhism In The Post Classical Era"

Download file to see previous pages By confusion, it is meant that there was no particular ruling force and everything was haphazard taking on its own directions. To sum it up, The Roman Empire, Gupta Empire of India and Han Dynasty of China had been overthrown. This meant that the large populations that these Empires ruled over were left without a leader, direction as well as discipline. This further more led to the instability of political and economic conditions of the region. Hence this period specifically highlights the changes and innovations that were made in order to overcome this chaotic situation. A major part of these changes was the spread of three major religions, namely: Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. (2012-2013 APWH Unit 3: The Post Classical Age - Howard's History 2013) When these typical classical and royal Empires fell, the only way out of it was an automatic power to take over. And this automatic power was taken over by the religions of those times. As mentioned above, these three religions are amongst the most commonly practiced religions of today’s times. ...
Now that we are focusing on Islam and the changes that it brought in Arabia especially, because this is where the basic advent of Islam started. Before the post classical era, Arabia was a place of great hospitality but little rules and peace. Arabs were always caught up in some war or battle; they were unsophisticated and would spend a larger portion of their life by taking revenges. Clans were the way of living, loyalty to one’s clan was considered to be of great importance and disloyalty meant nothing but straight away. 3 Moreover, Arabs by profession were traders. However, there was a distinct difference in classes, there was an elite class and then there was the labor class. To put it in small, easy words, Arabia was in a total disarray and required revolution in order to set things right. And obviously, this revolution was brought when Islam came into being with the birth of Muhammad, who claimed to be the last prophet of Allah. Islam brought it with it a complete package of life; it was a religion of peace and prosperity. It provided rights to everyone, from elites, to slaves and animals even. The status of women was affected greatly when Islam came into the picture. Previously, women had little or no rights but after Islam came their way, this was one of the many things that changed. (KschlegelApwHP2 - The First Global Civilization The Rise and Spread of Islam 2013) After the death of Muhammad, Islam had become quite popular in Arabia itself. People had started accepting Islam due to its message of equality and sense of balance between everything. It eradicated every such bad thing that could harm the human race in any way. Islam is a religion of peace and it gave rights to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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