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Policy Middle East - Term Paper Example

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Policy Paper: Executive summary Usually a civil war takes place in a country on account of political and social instability as well as external element presence. Syria at present defines a nation that is entangled into a civil war of its own and on external front has grabbed attention of international players…
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Policy Paper Middle East
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Policy Middle East

Download file to see previous pages... The mere fact that Syria is facing a civil war constitutes the problem statement, and other associated factors in form of internal and external elements of the overall scenario of Syria. The paper looks at the current standing of civil war in Syria, the historic perspective and the elements that contributed towards it and the future outlook of the country. Syria at present is in the grip of civil war. Further intentions and objectives include getting an understanding and familiarity of the dynamics of the Syrian territory, politics, society, demographics and other associated factors. Assessment in terms of the foreign states and their influence is also part of the study . The topic also provides an overview of the current problem faced by Syria in terms of the ongoing internal civil war. Key words: Civil War, Shiite community. One party state, chemical weapons. Background: Syria is situated in the south western part of Asia and is important on multiple accounts. One of these accounts is the neighborhood and demographic importance. Syria has its borders with Turkey, Israel and Lebanon. Hence the mere geography of Syria speaks of its strategic importance and mere turbulence in Syria would lead to the disturbance of balance in the entire region. Population of Syria makes up for around 22 million citizens and Syria is a multi cultural society that is relatively progressive in its outlook as compared to various other societies of the Middle East. Damascus is the capital city of the country and is centre to the business and political activities and from foreign viewpoint; it is center of attention as well. Syria is a Muslim populous country with over 85 percent of population constituting the Sunni Muslims while the remaining small percentage constitutes the Shiite community of Muslims. Apart from the largely represented population of Muslims there are traces of Christians and they have absolute freedom of worship and other elements of private life in the best manner possible. The form of government in Syria: The country has an uneven history of political affairs. The first unevenness came about in the 1960s when an elected government was toppled by the then Military leader Hafiz Al Asad. Hafiz Al Asad went on to rule the country for next three decades. His rule and reign came to an end around the 21st century and his rule was succeeded by his son Hafiz Al Asad. Since then, the political spectrum of country has been dominated and run by the family politics. The Alawati family is in the corridors of power since last four decades and the country has shaped up into a single party state. It is the small minority of the Shiite community that has been ruling over the majority Sunni community and as a result has created a vacuum and imbalance of the political activities(Billingsley, 2009, 151). The country does not enjoy true and transparent democracy, Bashar Al Asad has been elected to the seat of President ship on multiple instances. Syria once also remained as the part of Mandate system set forth by League of Nations and was given into the custody of France and later on gained its independence as an independent state afterwards. The country depicts number of features and elements that are characteristic of a despotic, tyrant and unelected leadership. The first challenge and vacuum is in form of the absence of any other political party. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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