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Desiderius Erasmus - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Date Erasmus and Christian Humanism Humanism is a philosophical belief that the human race can survive without paying attention to existing superstitious or religious beliefs whose approach is based on reason and humanity. Experience and human nature are mainly recognised by humanist as the only founding principles of moral values…
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Desiderius Erasmus
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"Desiderius Erasmus"

Download file to see previous pages It is a logical philosophy which is based on human beings belief with regard to dignity, derive information from scientific principles and gain the relevant motivation from human compassion and hope (Fowler 139). Most humanist have a common belief which is based on individual freedoms and rights but also believed that social cooperation, mutual respect and individual responsibility are equally important. In addition, they believe that the problems bedevilling society can only be solved by the people themselves which can improve the overall quality of life for everyone. In this way, the humanist maintains the positivity from the inspiration they acquire in their daily activities, natural world, culture and various forms of art. They are also believed that every individual has only one life to live and it is his/her personal responsibility to shape it in the right way and enjoy it fully. Humanists encourage positive relationships, human dignity and moral excellence while enhancing cooperation and compassion within the community. They also see the natural world as the only place where they show love and work thus setting good examples to the rest. They accept total responsibility in their course of their daily action as they struggle to survive as they enjoy the diversity around. Humanism strives to move away from religious or secular institution through a philosophy that shuns the existing traditional dogmatic authority. Characteristics of humanism include democratic, creative use science, ethical, insist that Social responsibility and liberty go hand in hand and cultivate creative and ethical living Humanist commitment is enshrined in responsible behaviours and rational thoughts which facilitate quality life in the society. They also believe that human beings and nature are inseparable though the latter is indifferent to the human existence. They also believed that living is the most significant part of life that overshadow dying and heavily contribute to overall life purpose and meaning.On moral values, they believe that they are not products of divine revelation or a property of religious tradition and therefore must be developed by human beings through natural reasoning (Fowler 183). Understanding of the nature should thus be the guiding principle in determination/reflection of the wrong as well as right behaviours. Furthermore, they possess the faith that human being has the capacity to differentiate and choose between bad and evil without any the existence of potential incentive of reward. Humanism is based on rational philosophy which is get inspirations from art, information from science and motivation from compassion. It tries to support the affirmation of human dignity while maximising opportunity consonant and individual liberty which is tied down to planetary and social responsibility. It heavily advocate for fro extensive societal democracy and society expansion as well as social justice and human rights. Humanism is devoid of supernaturalism since it recognise human as part of nature while laying emphasis on ethical, religious, political and social values. Therefore, humanism tends to derive its life goals from human interest and needs rather than deriving them from ideological and theological abstractions and further asserts that the human destiny lie on their responsibility (Fowler 219). Humanism provides a way of living and thinking that tries ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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