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Eusebius authorial goals in the Life of Constantine - Essay Example

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Eusebius’ authorial goals in the life of Constantine are that he fully devoted himself to worship and spread of the gospel of God. He states that he stood when none did in the Roman Empire to spread and protect the gospel of God. …
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Eusebius authorial goals in the Life of Constantine
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"Eusebius authorial goals in the Life of Constantine"

Download file to see previous pages He thinks that Constantine should be highly rewarded for the hectic work he did in spreading the gospel. Therefore, his goal is that Constantine was devoted worshiper of God as witnessed from his scripts. Secondly, He states that Constantine received a reward from God Himself for the work he did in spreading the gospel. Even though he was widely detested by the public for the work, he was doing he proclaims that Constantine was favored by God in the work he did in the after life as he was widely detested by those whom he spread the gospel. His goal here is to prove that God rewards those who are devoted to him and continue with his works. Thirdly, Eusebius believes Constantine was one of his own in the service of the lord. This was because he was instrumental in spreading the gospel and encouraged many believers to come out and proclaim the victory of the Lord despite the wide denial that they were experiencing. His goal her is to prove that Constantine was a devoted worshipper and worshipped only God alone not the other gods that were being worshipped by members of his society. Fourthly, his goals point out to the fact the Constantine used his political office to encourage the spread of the gospel as he had managed to convince the army to help him in his task of spreading the gospel. ...
He uses Constantine as an example by saying that he was thankful to God even after his baptism; thus he was not corrupted in his works to God. Eighthly, His goals on Constantine were that he was a true servant who believed in his work and even requested for an opportunity to be allowed to serve God by requesting the Bishops to allow him to be baptized and baptize people. Reflecting on the life of Constantine, he believes that he was a true giver to God as he contributed in the spread of the gospel by contributing to such things like building monuments for the work of God. Moreover, he travelled for the sake of the church by carrying along Bishops for expedition and celebrating various religious ceremonies like the night vigil. Lastly, Eusebius believes that God protected Constantine health as he lived the normal years that was expected of man according to the mortality rate at the time ("Eusebius of Caesarea the Life of the Blessed Emperor Constantine"). Eusebius’ authorial goal in the life of Constantine also suggests that God was responsible for fighting many of the battles and challenges that Constantine faced. With those who had faith in him and with God’s support, Constantine succeeded in conquering nations and spreading the gospel of God amidst denial and betrayal. Eusebius authoritatively states that his victories would not have been if it were not for God’s protection and love. His love and zeal in spreading the word of God earned him favors in the presence of the lord and his reward was protection against his enemies who opposed him and planned against him. Eusebius also states that Constantine conquered the entire world as he ruled for many years. He also categorically points out that all his undertakings turned out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Eusebius Authorial Goals in the Life of Constantine Essay.
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