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The perspective of European Union in the future - Essay Example

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What is the future EU anticipated to be like? Is it expected to metamorphosis into an a free trade area, an integrated state that is federal, or should it be something else all together?…
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The perspective of European Union in the future
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"The perspective of European Union in the future"

Download file to see previous pages In the year 2002, it was recommended that an additional 20 countries should join by the year 2004. This recommendation was made under the assumption that the Eastern Europe will take the European Union to new levels. The logic behind this is the fact that it will give access to new and larger markets, which will provide a means for the EU to cope in the present global economy. The question on many people’s minds is what the EU should be like in the future. Europe itself will have undergone a series of multi-dimensional changes in the future, with regard to social environment, economic strength, political priorities in addition to geopolitics. This essay will discuss the future of the EU and how it will influence solidarity, democracy, and liberty in the years to come. The term liberty is taken to carry two meanings according to the European act. The refers to the facilitating of the free flow of goods, the removal of barriers, flow of income and the flow of people, who are part of the member countries (Smith, 2005). Analysts put forth the fact that there are very low chances of the international market turning into the prime focus of economic interests and engagement in the near future, since the EC has earned a longer life cycle. For instance, the anticipated gains in welfare among a number of the ECU 216 billion have been estimated to add up to 5.3 percent of the total GDP (Vendal, 2010). There is anticipation that virtually a cycle of benefits will be reaped, particularly in the long run. This is with regard to industrial reorganization, improved innovation, and economies of scale (Smith, 2005). Regardless of a bright future, there are chances that the community may run into internal speed bumps. The reason for this is the fact that it is presently made up of the a lesser grouping when it comes to the functionality of its members. An example may be inclusive of the fact that there is doubt as to whether there will be enough finances from the southern economies, which are regarded to be weak to enable them to participate in the EMU. It appears that a looser method of interaction is advised for the future community, especially for the enlargement of the community (Sampedro, 2004). Another aspect that is required for liberty to grow is openness accompanied with sudsier. Citizens ought to be informed of the remedies at their disposal of their rights are not taken into consideration. These remedies constitute ombudsmen, courts, and committees through which they can use to make petitions. A future Union should be a part of the people and the people should be a part of it. This means that the process of decision making should be open and the decisions should be made as often as possible to citizens (Natew, 2010). The citizens of all the members’ state expect a European Union whose administrations is candid, and regard accountability (Jacobi, 2001). There is no definite picture as what the enlarged EU it likely to be like, this is however is not to suggest that the power of the convention should be underestimated. A significant share of the duties that are performed by the Union are legalistic and technical. Presently, efforts are directed towards increasing coherence, simplification and enhancement of transparency in the political and institutions bodies of the EU. There is a streamlining process that focuses on the rules of decision making and availing a number of alternatives when it comes to the creation of laws. (Jackson, 2007) Analysis however highlights the fact that simplification may be a political matter. For instance if a large share of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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