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Native and European Concept of Warfare - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Native and European Concept of Warfare European Worldview Europe’s world view was established 400 years ago and with slight changes, it has developed to be the global modern world view. This view was spread by France, England and Spain in North America through activities of colonization…
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Native and European Concept of Warfare
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Native and European Concept of Warfare

Download file to see previous pages... The main reasons were to establish a trading empire, conquer and expand beyond their nations, increase religious following and for curiosity satisfaction.1 1 Allison, William T., Grey, Jeffrey G., and Valentine, Janet G. 2012. American Military History + Mysearchlab With Pearson Etext. Pearson College Div. European countries had an aggressive foreign policy that involved conquering other nations and attacking each other to expand their territories. This was coupled by acquiring more valuables, expanding one’s power base and increasing human labour force even in their military. From the large populations, more revenue could be raised through taxing and income for their churches through forced tithes. This wish of making countries richer and stronger than its neighbors lead to the arms of military, court and the clergy exploring the sea and land beyond Europe. European countries viewed North America as a better trading route since it could be accessed easily by ships compared to other trading routes. In their previous routes, they had experienced technical challenges that seemed to be solved by America’s accessibility after discovery of Christopher Columbus. In previous experiences in Asia and Africa, poor development of road network posed the biggest challenge to trade; the traders could not access the inner part easily and goods transported by animals were less compared to the ships. In addition, the overland routes were dangerous and this led to loss of goods when traders were attacked by robbers and geographical features such as rivers and mountains interrupted smooth passage of goods and traders. Christianity, which had its route in Europe, was a driving force to explore new lands. Christians viewed non-Christians as heathen and they took it as their duty to convert them and save their souls from eternal damnation. In bid to march economic and political powers, the churches in Europe sent missionaries to North America and other parts of the world Colonization Christopher Columbus led a Spanish expedition in 1492 which led to discovery of Americas. It opened conquest, colonization and exploration that expanded with time after discovery of this new world that was unknown to many European nations before this era. Due to economic reasons, religious reasons and political prosecutions that were happening in Europe, many people sought refuge in the new found America.2 Columbus's voyages opened up the entire Western Hemisphere to European powers. They led to wars of invasion where these powers competed against each other to achieve more control than any other nation. This led to profound changes on the North America landscape, demographics and plant and animal life. American Colonial Leaders Because of the cost of running external states in North America, the British government gave charters to companies to establish leadership in this region. These companies formed Royal provinces that had a similar system of governance as the mother nation Britain. The chief executives, who were called governors, were responsible for administering justice, appointing judicial and administrative officers, and executing colonial rules.2 They were responsible for the security in the provinces and relationship with the natives and other colonies. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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