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Media and Politics. Picking a local topic, national, and world topic. Present topic - Essay Example

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Media Analysis Number Executive summary The media is an important tool that society relies on for acquisition of news of occurrences and events from a local level, through national, and up to international. The media, as a wider fraternity houses many forms of news broadcast mediums ranging from newspapers, radio, television, to websites, magazines, journals, and so on…
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Media and Politics. Picking a local topic, national, and world topic. Present topic
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"Media and Politics. Picking a local topic, national, and world topic. Present topic"

Download file to see previous pages This is because one source will have either some strength or weaknesses, therefore advantaging or disadvantaging the rival source, resulting in the differences. The media, for being such an influential part of society, requires regulations and ethics to govern what qualifies to broadcast or not, for instance in the case of politics, it is important for sources to remain neutral and not influence society in any way. Introduction The general media is a valuable source of information and a powerful medium of information that largely influences the understanding of daily events and occurrences of the people who access its releases. As a watchdog, the media has the potential to either be faithful or not, as it enjoys unlimited freedom in choosing and deciding what is worth publicizing or not, and what perception to create around a certain event or occurrence. The media is a wide fraternity of society comprising of numerous sources at different levels and has similarities, differences, strengths, weaknesses, and much influence on all aspects of society. This essay will conduct an analysis of media sources at three levels; local, national, and international, and bring out the mentioned qualities by comparing the uniqueness of two different media sources at each level in their mode of relaying similar political events. Local media level Local media coverage defines broadcasting of information concerned with a specific context such as a state, whose news would not be of much relevance to other states or to the larger national and international communities. In this case, this study will compare and contrast the relay of news concerning the 2012 accusation of (former) 18th Lieutenant Governor of Florida, Jennifer Carroll, of having a lesbian relationship with an aide in which we shall feature the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel as our news sources. The Sun-Sentinel The article with Carroll’s story as appearing on this media source on 12 July 2012 had the headline “Sex scandal becomes the talk of Florida’s capital.” The story is introduced with catchy words such as “titillating sex scandal” and goes on to describe Carroll as one who does not feature much in the news headlines but is this time in the limelight due to criminal charges. However, after this, there is not much mention of her accusations. Rather, the stories focus on one Carletha Cole who is Carroll’s former spokesperson and who is accused of conducting illegal recording. The story does not seem to directly attack Carroll, and all her accusations arise from second parties such as Cole’s attorney bringing up the sexual accusations, but not the source itself. The source does not reveal what the results of a polygraph test carried out on Cole were. At the conclusion of the story, there is much positive information about Carroll, such as the women representatives describing her as a role model. She is also linked to Christianity, and her history is depicted as never tainted before (Haughney and Bureau 1). The Miami Herald The Miami Herald’s headline of the topic is “Is Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll’s Former aide seeking vengeance or injustice?” In this source, Cole’s attorney introduces the sexual accusations against Carroll, this after we learn that Cole is facing criminal charges of illegally taping audio around the Florida State offices. In this article, they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Media and Politics. Picking a Local Topic, National, and World Topic Essay)
Media and Politics. Picking a Local Topic, National, and World Topic Essay.
“Media and Politics. Picking a Local Topic, National, and World Topic Essay”, n.d.
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