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Civic Engagement - Essay Example

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Instructor: Course: Date due: Civic Education and Engagement It was on Monday night April 8, 2013 that a council meeting was organized to address national security issues, particularly violence. This happened at the Captain's log for the East Precinct of the Seattle Police Department and security officials walked in to address matters of violence and rising insecurity…
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Civic Engagement
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Download file to see previous pages Their main objective was to ensure that the voice of the public is heard and attended to. This forum was also intended to strengthen the weakening relationship between the public and the police department and therefore contribute to enhanced national security. This event had drawn large audience because in the previous day, John Diaz, who is the SPD Chief announced his intention to retire from the police service. Another speaker who took more time on the stage addressing the rising violence cases in the community was Captain Ron Wilson, East Precinct commander. General Matt Allen (a guest speaker) explained that the police department is committed to reaching out to the public at large by holding regional meeting purposely to address security issues and concerns of the public in general. In this event, the speaker noted with a lot of concern that club violence was no doubt a major thorn especially in those clubs along Pine and Pike, therefore given first priority over others issues of equal importance. Members of community were getting bothered by the frequency of what was known to be brawls outside the Grimes and the Woods on the 11Avenue. Llen recognized club violence as a complex issue and urged the members of the public to keep dialing 911 for security response. ...
To this, John Diaz explained that there were legal policies regulating noise in residential places, but was only that the police department had not been informed of these new developments. However, he explained that the good news was that they was going to established a special police unit to address issues related to community peace as far as operation of night clubs is concerned. He went ahead to explain that the mandate of the proposed police force will be executed in a way that they will not affect business ventures. This implied that business must be executed with strictly compliance with the security policies. In this forum, club violence was a hot topic with the recent incidence at The Social being the reference point. Another issue that heavily criticized by the community was the manner at which the mentally challenged people in the society were treated. The community members in attendance claimed that they had recently witnessed a rise on the Capitol Hill. Concern this unjust and unfair treatment of the disability member, the area police boss explained that those suffering from mental sickness or panhandling on the streets should not necessarily be locked up in prisons. In the mean time, this problem was addressed through the establishment of what was termed as the ‘Mobile Crisis Unit’ that served as medium term solution. Under this unit, the mentally challenged would be taken to good mental health centers where they would be treated instead of being locked up in caves. While emphasizing on this, Mr. Allen said that the mentally challenged personas do not deserve imprisonment but rather a reconnection with mental health physicians and facilities. While addressing delegates in this forum, Allen expressed hope that the East Precinct will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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