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How did Syria got impacted the Middle-East and especially Turkey - Research Paper Example

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How Syria Got Impacted By Its Surrounding Countries The UN Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Coordinator Valerie Amos (“United Nations Radio” 1) claims that the Middle-East countries are facing unprecedented humanitarian crisis courtesy of the civil war in Syria and the debate on the chemical weapons policy in Syria…
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How did Syria got impacted the Middle-East and especially Turkey
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"How did Syria got impacted the Middle-East and especially Turkey"

Download file to see previous pages The World Food Programme offers monthly food donations to about 4 million people who are victims of the civil conflict in the region (“World Food Programme” 1). Moreover, other humanitarian agencies offers clean drinking water to about 1.1 million people in Syria (“Government of Canada” 1). Notably, most of the countries in the Middle East region are downstream riparian states and have scarce water resources and hence the continued debate and conflict on water issues in this region (“The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs” 1). Ideally, agriculture accounted for about 25 percent of gross domestic product in this region and hence the water shortage is hindering efforts to maintain economic growth in this region (Williams 1). The water conflict is equally a source of tension as many countries including Syria seek to increase its political dominance where it competes for the water resources with Turkey, Iraq, and Israel. Analysis shows that Turkey is likely to face water shortages in the near future although it presently has significant water resources (“The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs” 2). As a result, of the crisis there have been continued debates and efforts geared towards addressing the Syrian crisis. In the meantime, many Syrians fled the violence in their country and took refuge in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq (“World Food Programme” 1). Indeed, about 2.2 million Syrians are refugees in these countries, which further strain the infrastructure, food security, and water supply in this region. Additionally, more countries including the U.S are still offering the refugees agencies a leeway to settle more refugees and conflict victims in Syria thus influencing the social and economic aspects in Syria. However, as we expect the need for humanitarian aid to increase in Syria over the next few years, there is international pressure on the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, to remove barriers to the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Syria (Cumming-Bruce 1). Saudi Arabia has been opposing the Syrian government and continuously calls for action against Syrian President Assad (“BBC NEWS” 1). On the other hand, Iran has been supporting Syria and criticizes any international action on the current crisis in Syria. Nevertheless, although Iraq is less significant to Syria, it opposes any US military action in Syria and hosts a significant number of refugees from Syria. Conversely, Israel does not offer its public opinion on the Syrian crisis but warns other nations into dragging Israel into the conflict and assert its readiness to deal with the crisis if the civil war extends to Israel (“BBC NEWS” 1). Additionally, Qatar supports the proposed military action on Syria while Egypt opposes any military action without the authorization of the UN (“BBC NEWS” 1). Jordan supports limited military action in Syria upon proving the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the US Congress (“BBC NEWS” 1). Indeed, Jordan hosts refugees from Syria and therefore opposes any international intervention that would cause civilian casualties. The Jordan government advocates for a political settlement to the Syrian crisis (“BBC NEWS” 1). Nevertheless, some people believe that in 2013, Jordan facilitated the supply of weapons to rebel fighters in southern Syria (“ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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