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Why has the Britain's membership of the EU been so problematical - Essay Example

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he term politics is considered to be the theory along with the practice of influencing different individuals on an individual or civic level. In a narrowed sense, it refers to the process of exercising different aspects of governance in order to organise proper control over an individual community, mainly in a state (Grant, 2003)…
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Why has the Britains membership of the EU been so problematical
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"Why has the Britain's membership of the EU been so problematical"

Download file to see previous pages Membership of European Union (EU) with Britain has been a controversial concern. Eurosceptics (people who do not support the sovereignty of the European Union), believe that it would have been better if Britain was put aside outside the economic and political context. Permissions are being sought to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union (Daddow, 2004; Crowson, 2006). Thus, the term can very well be related with the subject i.e. why has the Britain’s membership of the EU been so problematical? Considering this facet, the essay will represent all the major issues that determine the membership of Britain with the EU to be problematical and with full of adversities. A critical evaluation will be made regarding the issues with the aid of analysis of the opinions derived from the different critics. Problems Associated with Britain’s Membership with the EU It has been recognised that the European Commission made a decision to prompt legal action against Britain as it was found to be restricting the benefits to certain foreign nationals. This factor played a very crucial role in determining Britain’s involvement in European Union to be not up to the mark. Considering the issue of Britain’s membership of the EU, this political debate has been able to raise many eyebrows. This factor can be provided with the maximum amount of weightage owing to the fact that Britain was unable to serve the basic purposes of forming a proper alliance with the EU. Consequently, it can be said that issues relating sovereignty of the EU was in a questionable state having Britain as one of its members (Daddow, 2004; Crowson, 2006). There are other reports suggesting a lack of proper alignment in relation to the performance of membership functions from the part of Britain with the EU. Every country possesses certain basic ideas about their role that they need to play in the world, which forms its identity and helps in the establishment of its relationship with other countries. The historical era of the British Empire has been able to considerably influence the way in which the British political influence sees its position in Europe. However, all of these factors did not seem to provide an upper hand to Britain in alignment with the EU. It has been recognised that being a powerful body, Britain was finding it very much difficult to adjust its political interest. Moreover, it was also proving to be quite distressful while narrowing its political attention only in Europe. Britain has always been considered as a latecomer in the overall community of EU. Moreover, Britain had to face serious amount of difficulties accommodating it to those rules and policies that were already established from before in the EU region. It faced difficulties because a few of the rules and regulations represented direct conflicts with that of the fundamental principles which bind the entire British Constitution. Thus, it created an uneven situation for Britain resulting in paving conflicting situations. Bitterness with France along with strong association with America did not seem to be posing a pleasant political scenario for Britain rather it accounted for the emergence of additional issues to Britain. On a different context, it was not only Britain that had to adjust with EU, but EU had also major issues with Britain. It has also been ascertained that Britain joining the EU community specifically for economic purposes seem to pose a great deal of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Has the Britain'S Membership of the EU Been so Problematical Essay)
Why Has the Britain'S Membership of the EU Been so Problematical Essay.
“Why Has the Britain'S Membership of the EU Been so Problematical Essay”, n.d.
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