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Assume that you are the Governor and you have to decide how to address the structural budget gap of $2+billion - Essay Example

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Name Teacher Class Date How to address the structural budget gap of $2+billion in implementing a chosen program Many policy makers complain that there is not always enough money to fund the necessary projects that they intend to implement especially when there is a structural budget gap of more than $2 billion…
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Assume that you are the Governor and you have to decide how to address the structural budget gap of $2+billion
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"Assume that you are the Governor and you have to decide how to address the structural budget gap of $2+billion"

Download file to see previous pages I too do not agree of taxing the average American at this point in time but it does not mean that we should just submit to resignation just because government is short of money of some budget gap of $2 billion. Government does not always have enough money to fund all its programs and it is up to us to find ways to make our chosen program to work. I say it is not the lack of money but rather lack of creativity and initiative on the part of policy makers that programs do not get implemented. It is a given that government will be financially hard up to finance any programs today. If you happen to watch the TV and hear the news these past few weeks, you will be well aware of the government shutdown. I think you know that the bottom line of the shutdown was the debacle between Republican and Democrats about Obamacare and how to fund it. This just show how much money is becoming scarcer these days that we are willing to shut down government for our fear to overspend because money are now getting scarcer these days particularly in the government. I will not be taking about Obamacare however. I will talk about ways on how to raise money without raising taxes to fund a government program. In particular, my own program of improving the quality of our environment by reducing our Carbon dioxide emission of which money and resources plays key part in making the program effective. So how do I raise fund for improving the quality of our educational system? Device and burden you with new tax? Ask money from the national government? Adding any new taxes at this point in time would be extremely unpopular and impractical as well. Asking money from the national government is very uncertain knowing that there are just too many agencies and program chasing for additional funding from the national government. In addition, that kind of funding is also not sustainable. Assuming I can get funding next year, I will not still be sure if I can get funding the year after that and the succeeding years. Funding for environment requires a long-term commitment in terms of funding and commitment. To be able to be effective in improving the quality of our environment, it should be a sustained effort and not just a one- time effort that is subject to availability of funds. There is already a law that covered partly this kind of initiative. It is the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act which encourage the production of clean renewable energy fuels, to increase the efficiency of products, buildings and vehicles that would have the ultimate objective of reducing the greenhouse effect (Ross). This law has been in effect since 2008 and obviously, it is not enough considering that global warming and the quality of our environment still continue to deteriorate. I propose two approaches how to raise funds for my environment improvement program without asking money from the national government. By merely exercising the legislative and executive power of the governor, I can provide a sustainable environmental program that does not burden the common taxpayer and national government. I am proposing a public and private partnership. This is a doable approach since environment is a universal concern. All of us breathe the same air and live in the same planet so improving and taking care of it should not be just a concern of the government ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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