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The Basque Conflict - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The Basque Conflict Throughout history, several ethnic minority groups have taken claim to their right to be the authors of their own destinies and sought to rebel or otherwise disassociate from the state/s that exercise governance over them…
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The Basque Conflict
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"The Basque Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages Many of the Basque separatists were of the opinion that the only way they could achieve self-determination was by seceding from the two nations and forming an independent Basque state. Owing to the fact that succession was not welcomed by either the French or Spanish government, the revolutionists resorted to the only means the believed would push their point across and this was violent rebellion. Background In summary, the Basque separationist movement embodied the desire of the people to achieve a greater independence, nonetheless, the concept of what independence was varied among different groups, some wanted complete autonomy from Spain and France, believing that owing to the historical richness of their culture and the difference from Spain, the should form their own country. This was justified by the fact that the Basque region is one of the richest in Spain in terms or mineral resources, seaports and businesses such as banks and other industries and some of the inhabitants felt that denationalizing was the most economically viable option.2 The movement begun as an idea and a political notion shared by a few but gradually developed into a far-reaching sentiment shared by millions of the inhabitants of the Basque region. ...
The Basque movement first emerged as the 19th century ended, after the death of the leader Sabina de Arana Goiri they were granted full autonomy by the republican government and this freedom lasted until the end of the civil war.3 The republican government was overthrown by the Franco regime and this new regime negated many of the gains the Basque had made in self-determination previously. To make them pay for their support for the fallen republican government Franco committed many atrocities in his attempt to repudiate their independence, one of the most brutal of this was the Guernica bombing. In April 1937, he ordered the bombing of Guernica a thriving Basque town killing approximately 1000 people; this was the first manifestation of Franco’s hatred for the Basque people but far from the last. Cultural political repression From this incidence of Guernica bombing, must ask what the reaction of the international community was? To what was a clearly inhumane and unwarranted mass murder of innocents simply so that Franco could make his point? However, there was a lot of tension in the international scene as countries weaved alliances in preparation for the impeding war and although there were widespread recriminations no action was taken against Franco and this emboldened his diabolic actions. He continued to oppress them in a plethora of ways, he took away their freedom and even went as far as criminalizing their culture and language, and he was thus effectively stripping them of their freedom of expression speech and even conscience. Hundreds of Basque intellectuals and politicians were imprisoned and tortured under Franco’s orders because of their ideals on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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