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Is poverty a human rights violations - Essay Example

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Poverty is a reality that affects over half of the global population while the other half watches in indifferent contemplation without any significant collective moral obligation to eradicate the problem that causes untold suffering to millions(Sane 3)…
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Is poverty a human rights violations
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"Is poverty a human rights violations"

Download file to see previous pages Poverty cannot be realistically or morally confined within the convectional parameters such as living under less than dollar a day as is the trend. Sane criticizes these ceiling and claims that their very existence in a way seems to legitimize and justify the existence of poverty (3). While governments are supposed to strive to achieve the millennium development goals in regard to halving poverty in the world, they needs must take cognizance of the fact that this goals justify the very existence of poverty which is in contradiction of all moral and human principles. In his quest to classify poverty as a human rights violation, Sane creates and systematic irrevocable connection between poverty and the five families of human rights, he argues that poverty invariably violates social rights and to a various extent all the other classes of human rights. By his reasoning, poverty is without doubt just as serious as genocide and political crimes; however, since these two are considered illegal and against human rights, governments and international communities take it as their onus to expedite their elimination to whatever extent they can with a remarkable, albeit not complete success. When human beings are disenfranchised of any or one of all their social, cultural political or economic rights, poverty inevitably gains ingress into their life, therefore as long as individuals and communities are deprived of their basic human rights, poverty inevitably results (Sane 3). Governments are tasked with the responsibly of ensuring the welfare of their citizens, therefore in every society or state where poverty exists the government can be viewed as having failed in its mandate of protecting its citizenry. Poverty is just like any other injustice and atrocity that faces humanity; consequently, at the end of the day in the self-same way the state rushes to protect its people from epidemics such as floods or violence, it should mobilize support against the scourge of poverty. By considering the existence of poverty as a violation of human rights, the steps towards the development of a lasting solution can be taken from local and international perspectives. The elimination of poverty can only commence if its perception as a natural qualitative or qualitative shortfall is radically changed, this way, the political will and by extension means to tackle it will be galvanized into action. Sane makes a bold claim to the effect that poverty should be abolished, this comes off initially as a naive point and the writer admits that much, nevertheless he argues that the notion should not be dismissed on the basis of face value. Poverty can be abolished but for this to happen the lenses through which society considers it were to undergo a radical change, to this end, poverty should not be seen as passive condition a deplorable consequence of the struggle for limited resources. Instead it should be seen as a systematic and enduring violation of hum rights therefore and injustice that required expedient redress (Sane 3). By virtue of the fact that human rights are universal and the bodies charged with the task of enforcing them such as the UN have global latitude automatically makes poverty a global issue. Nevertheless, despite the fact that globalization is popularly perceive as a progressive concept but global corporates and governments use it to conceal their sinister agenda under euphemism such as free trade (Klein 247). Through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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