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Changing Of The Status Of Women Around The World Over Time - Essay Example

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The paper "Changing Of The Status Of Women Around The World Over Time" aims to discuss the status and position of the women in society by conducting a comparative investigation into the proposition that whether or not their status has witnessed any significant alterations with the passage of time…
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Changing Of The Status Of Women Around The World Over Time
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"Changing Of The Status Of Women Around The World Over Time"

Download file to see previous pages The authors have encompassed the entire globe in their work without neglecting any important area or region of the world. The authors have quoted the words delivered from the mouth of Gabriela Oviedo (426), Miss Bolivia 2003, who laments ethnic-racial discrimination to be observed against the South Americans and blacks, though her having the opportunity of winning the title of Miss Bolivia remarkably alludes to the rights enjoyed by women even in the backward countries of the third world. It remarkably reflects the revolutionary alterations in the traditional and conventional cultural values of the social establishment being observed at the global scale, under which the women used to be suppressed by the male dominant social setups. Women were restricted to domestic responsibilities in the Asian and African colonial states during the imperialism surge, and their intermixing with males was strongly a socially disapproved phenomenon, and separate dresses and hairstyle etc prevailed for women (534). It is, therefore, the countries were lagging far behind from the European nations because of the negation of women from the nation-building activities altogether. Somehow, the situation has observed significant alterations in modern times, and western attire and styles have made their sure headway in the former colonial states, where like the European citizens, men and women wear the same clothes and active participation of women in business, politics, military services and other social and financial activities have turned out to be the order of the day in contemporary era. Thus, penetration of the western cultural patterns into the oriental societies of Americas, India, and Africa has introduced imperative modifications in the individual and collective life of the people at large by discouraging and eliminating the elements of discrimination towards the female folk (Hansen & Curtis 536-7). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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