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How Juno Beach Invasion Impacted the World and Canada - Essay Example

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How The Juno Beach Invasion Impacted The World And Canada Institution How The Juno Beach Invasion Impacted the World and Canada Canada has been able to show its might, strong will, and resilience in all the battles it has engaged in over the past years by emerging victorious…
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How Juno Beach Invasion Impacted the World and Canada
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"How Juno Beach Invasion Impacted the World and Canada"

Download file to see previous pages The battle did not only define the destiny of Canada but also had a huge influence on the world. The name D-Day means the day that military bombardments began in earnest, which included heavy landings on Normandy beaches. This battle acted as a defining moment in the history of Canada, where they showed a lot of resilience and bravery1. I have chosen to write about the Juno beach invasion first of all because my father is a veteran soldier who personally participated in it and secondly out of my interest in the events of the battle. My father was among those who fought the war to ensure that Canada emerged victorious. At the time of the invasion, my father was in the Royal Canadian Core of Signals (RCCS), at the third Canadian Infantry Division. His contribution to the success of the Canadian troops in fighting off German troops was quite significant. More particularly, he managed to go in on the third wave as a radio operator and set up communication lines that made communication between the Canadian troops effective and efficient. In addition, he was among the soldiers who drove the German troops out of Caen. My interest in the D-Day is particularly motivated by the fact that the battle that took place on the day is a major event which not only impacted on Canada but also shook the world. An overview of the D-Day Invasion Collaboration According to Copp, “the Allied Campaign in Normandy resulted in one great military victories in modern history”2. The events that took place during the battle demonstrate the extent to which collaboration is important in winning a battle of that involves several players. This is because the war was not won by a single country. Rather, it was won collaboratively by the Allied forces which mainly comprised the U.S., British and the Canadian forces3. The war began shortly after 5 a.m. on June 6, 1944, commonly referred to as the D-Day because of its significance to Canadians. The battle was fought between the Allied forces and Nazi Germans4. Since the battle had to be fought from different angles and directions, the Allied forces’ strategists assigned the Canadian troops a key role to play on the eventful day. They were “to take one of the five designated beaches where Allied forces were to land to begin the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany”5. They were assigned the responsibility of taking charge of Juno Beach6. The U.S. troops, on the other hand, were to take up Omaha and Utah beaches located on the west even as the British troops took charge of Gold and Sword beaches. Out of their collaboration, the Allied forces won the victory, defeating the common enemy and emerged as a dominant force to reckon with in Europe and the world at large. Conflict The D-Day conflict revolved around the need to liberate Europe from Nazi Germans7. The conflict was catalyzed by increased oppression of people in Europe by the Nazi Germans. Members of the Allied camp felt that they needed to step in and restore peace in Europe. Unfortunately, attempts by the U.S., Canada, and Britain to liberate Europe peacefully failed. The Nazi Germans refused to cede ground peacefully prompting the Allied camp to use force. In just a day of the deadly fighting, the Allied forces emerged victorious against their German counterparts8. The most lethal seaborne invasion was aimed at sandy beaches found along the Normandy coast, east of the jutting Cotentin Peninsula and west of the Seine River. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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