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The Effect of the End of the Cold War on U.S. Diplomatic Practices - Essay Example


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The Effect of the End of the Cold War on U.S. Diplomatic Practices

The battle against communism, which was the major drive of the United States during the cold war, had a major impact on the foreign policy of the United States. There was an arms race and nuclear proliferation, which led to a major confrontation between the United States and Former Soviet Union. However, the superpowers involved in the cold war did not resort to direct confrontation, but instead used the third-world countries. Overall, the Cold War was characterized by divisiveness and suspicion between the involved superpowers. Each superpower aimed at drawing more nations into its own orbit. Nonetheless, the Cold War and end of Cold War has had a long-term influence on the modern world, and different aspects resulting from this continues to affect the foreign policy of the United States.
The end of Cold War influenced the foreign policy of the United States in various ways. Some of this influence has resulted in problems that are persistent in the United States diplomacy. An example of the effect of end of Cold War is the formation of NATO. This was developed as a collective organ, which was opposed to the Former Soviet Union, as well as the spread of communism across the globe. Nonetheless, China and Russia today have evolved beyond communism. However, other countries such as Cuba and Bolivia still present greater challenges, which are hard to manage. Cameron argues that after the Cold War, the United States has lacked a consensus on guiding principles for its foreign policy. This

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The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
U.S and Soviet Union. This implies that Kennedy had quite a challenging role to play in this context, especially with regard to the foreign policy. During his time as President, Kennedy had to face many intense situations where the world was on the verge of another world war, but owing much to the diplomatic skills of Kennedy, the situation was taken control of and issue was resolved (Reeves 1993).
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The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
The overall objective of the U.S foreign policy was to stop communism and did not change noticeably from one doctrine to another. Only the costs and the intensity changed. Although a number of doctrines were articulated, they are just variations on the prime “containment” policy or the Truman Doctrine.
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The End of Cold War. Cold war began immediately after World War II as the U. S, and the Soviet Union battled to install respectively the capitalist economists in post –war Europe and the entire world.1 Many different ideologies have come up in a bid to contemplate why the cold war ended unpredicted.
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The Cold War and U.S Diplomacy
According to the writings by Heiko (2010), a presidential doctrine is described as a specific policy, principle, or position that is adhered to and promoted by a President during his/ her term in office. As for Hunt (2009), he described presidential doctrine as a set of principles that are presented for acceptance or belief by a seating President.
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The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
Kennedy during the cold war that aspired to contain the spread of communism through a concerted policy of containment and the enunciation of efforts to shrink the communist influence in the Western Hemisphere are popularly known as the Kennedy doctrine or the containment doctrine (Bose, 1998, p.
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The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
It was with this understanding of this scenario that President Truman of USA and his experts identified that the US had to become engaged. And it was from this understanding that the Truman Doctrine was made. So, in 1947 President Truman released a Presidential pronouncement presenting immediate cost-effective and army aid to Greece, experienced by Communist insurrection, and to Turkey, under stress from Communist development in the Mediterranean Sea and beyond and beyond position.
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The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
In addition to this, he also played a major role in several foreign policies which made him a bit controversial (Kennedy & Sedgwick, 2006). It was common knowledge that Kennedy did not support communism. For this reason, he permitted the CIA to invade Cuba (Presidentprofiles.com, 2013).
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Why did the Cold War End
These differing ideologies led to a great competition between these two states, and it was not restricted just between them, but was played out on the world stage, as well. Each of
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The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
It is vital to mote that the globe was also experiencing conflicts on every bend as nuclear terrors were threatening from numerous states. As the president of USA, Nixon had the task to make sure world tranquility and counteract the nuclear threat.
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has led to different ethnic groups to pursue individual aims. This has mainly been witnessed through their increased access to the Congress, their efforts in encouraging the legislature to be more active in foreign policy, as well as their great contributions to political campaigns (Cameron 87). Nonetheless, this was not the case during the Cold War, as during this period, the US foreign policy was highly influenced by the other superpowers, which were its rivals, mainly Russia. Therefore, the United States would establish ties with different countries, with an aim of gaining their support, and influencing them to detest the Former Soviet Union. However, after the end of the Cold War, this basis for US foreign policy became obsolete (Moore and Lanoue 393). Therefore, the lack of a clear framework or basis for US foreign policy today has been detrimental to the country, as opportunists are taking advantage of this, to further their individual interests. Furthermore, the end of the Cold War has had an effect on the US foreign policy, and this is manifested in the present state of some of the smaller countries, which the US pulled into its orbit. Overall, this has resulted in major foreign policy snarls today. During the Cold War, the United States had only one major interest in other smaller and third world countries. This was establishing ties with them, solely for the purpose of getting them into its orbit, and making them show no support for the Former Soviet Union. The United States did not focus on helping the governments of these countries to establish themselves and become functional. The United States, therefore sowed seeds of despotism (Chomsky 17). This has consequently led to challenges on the side of the United States, in dealing with such governments, which it influenced during the Cold War. On the positive side, the end of Cold War led to the strengthening of the foreign policy of the United States, especially with some of the major countries that were in the circles of the Former Soviet Union. For instance, the United States continues to forge good relationships with China at both the economic and diplomatic levels. Additionally, the relationship between the United States and Russia has improved since the end of the Cold War. The United States has come to learn the importance of positive ties with all nations, even those that it considers enemies


This paper tells that a major effect of the end of the Cold War on United States foreign policy is the fact that this led to the United States to lose its stance for foreign policy. This is because,the rhetoric and anti-communism held by the US during the foreign war, mainly dictated its foreign policy…
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The Effect of the End of the Cold War on U.S. Diplomatic Practices
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