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14.Public Diplomacy has become increasingly important in recent years. Why Discuss and illustrate with empirical examples - Assignment Example

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Since the dawn of the First World War up to the Second World War to the new wars currently mounted to curb terrorism as well as alleviate terror groups, man has still failed to learn that better ways exist to address disagreements. From this non-understanding on how to resolve…
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14.Public Diplomacy has become increasingly important in recent years. Why Discuss and illustrate with empirical examples
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Extract of sample "14.Public Diplomacy has become increasingly important in recent years. Why Discuss and illustrate with empirical examples"

Download file to see previous pages Murrow’s Centre for Public Diplomacy, Edmund Gullion takes public diplomacy as “Through public diplomacy people understand the means by which private groups, governments, and individuals influence the opinions and attitudes of other people and governments in a manner to exercise impact on their foreign policy conclusions.” What stands out in these two definitions for Public diplomacy is that it has to involve mechanisms that will affect the attitudes as well as opinions of other people, countries and governments. This paper will examine the reasons that have led to the clamour for public diplomacy especially in recent times during the 21st century by looking at specific examples.
Public diplomacy becomes the next frontier in the study and practice of diplomacy. The “ancient” diplomacy style has been supplanted with “fresh”, free American-style diplomacy (United States. (1987)Several states have advanced beyond upholding open diplomacy on the face of the world to using public to secure and promote their national interest overseas.
Public diplomacy was a principally salient government quest during the Cold War era when ideologies contest, communism versus democracy, was at the peak. Bipolar quality of public diplomacy throughout the period of the cold war has been replaced by several nations involved in public diplomacy as central securities in soft power have risen. Wang (2011) outlines the theory of soft power as an international image, specifically highlighting the values underlying the interest of a particular government. For instance, United States soft power is the capacity to convince others through the acceptability of its actions. The connection with public diplomacy rests between the concept of theoretical international relations of several “forms” of power and the concrete elements of the manner in which states improve or expand the capacity of their soft power.
In as much as public diplomacy has materialized to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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