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Collapse of Wilsonian World Order - Essay Example

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The Wilsonian or what is referred to as “new world order” is a philosophy that developed in the 20th century affecting the world politics and balance of authority. Various groups interpret this term differently but the main idea is related to the concept of global governance. …
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Collapse of Wilsonian World Order
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"Collapse of Wilsonian World Order"

Download file to see previous pages This means a way of collective means of recognizing, understanding and even addressing world problems beyond the capability of individual countries. The earliest origins of this word came from Woodrow Wilson who was the 28th president of the United States in the period after the severe damage of the World War I. Wilson believed that world democracies like the United States had the mandate of ensuring world stability. The whole idea involves promotion of peace and togetherness within the society while dealing with destructive individuals. In this respect it is important to understand the Wilson new world order, its implications and why it collapsed (Dunwalke 2007, p.3). Theory The concept of “Wilsonism” came into being during the regime of Woodrow Wilson where he wrote fourteen points about the issue. These points aimed at pushing America to join the League of Nations after the serious destruction of the World War I. Many modern commentators and politicians have used the term after World War II to mean a “new world order” in a bid to emphasize this policy....
The foreign policy that Wilson adopted was not only for protecting American welfare but instead his aim is to secure the interest of the entire humanity. In this ideology, it was sensible for Wilson to support the issue of free trade and international business relations to liberate the world. One of his major sayings cites that trade is “great nurse of liberal ideas” which meant that people can grow and develop with good business relationships. In addition, he stressed the need to enhance the true economy of America and then introduce it into the national sphere through world markets to make the country a democracy whose presence could be felt. It was clear that Wilson supported the power of embracing republicanism, which promotes democracy. This was clear from the National Security proposal he generate titled Engagement and Enlargement which had three major ideas that included advocating democracy globally, sustenance of a ready military group to meet the needs of the country, and expand America economy through the concepts of international trade (Wilson 2006, p.67). Immediately after the World War I, safeguarding democracy across the globe for Wilson meant defending the young republics within Latin America that had suffered for many years from corrupt authorities and pressures coming from the European powers. It also required protecting these republic from American dominance as it was during the presidency of Roosevelt. Wilson was keen on this foreign policy such that he spent most of his first years in power combating Latin American problems. For instance, he pushed Congress to revoke the 1912 Panama Canal Act in which most of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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