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On balance, does the 'rise' of China present a greater opportunity or threat to Australia's national interests - Essay Example

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On balance, does the ‘rise’ of China present a greater opportunity or threat to Australia’s national interests? [Name] [University] The Australian government knows that it must strengthen its relations with Asia for the sake of its future economic prosperity (Australia's Foreign Policy: Australia and Asia changing approaches, 2013)…
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On balance, does the rise of China present a greater opportunity or threat to Australias national interests
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"On balance, does the 'rise' of China present a greater opportunity or threat to Australia's national interests"

Download file to see previous pages Australia believed in the notion that it needs to do its defense from the Asian countries. They have held this believe ever since the early years of the cold war between Australia and Asia. Although this believe of Australia has been revised in several aspects but still some countries are a potential threat to Australia. One of such countries is the rising super power China (Capling, pp. 601-622). This essay takes into account the aspects in which australia consider china as a threat. These factors may be military, social and economical sjakjs. Nations are concerned about the present power status of China. There is a vast difference between as nation which takes 300 years to develop and one that rises in 30 years. The nation that rises in a span of 30 years is the result of its effective strategy while the one that take 300 years to develop is merely dependent on luck. China can be considered a best example of rising strategy. Many scholars have been assessing the rising strategies of China for about 2 decades but still they haven’t reached on any conclusion regarding its power status. (White, 2013) The rise of China has made many nations think over different trade and defense issues of Asia Pacific. The ongoing strategic competition between America and China is visible to the whole world. Keeping the present conditions in mind the Australian strategists are not thinking over the regional conflict that they may face from China but are debating over the issue that how Australia must prepare itself for war. This explains that Australia views China as a present and potential trust for its defense and national interest. Australia is fully aware of the fact that China is an emerging super power; therefore it knows that unfriendly relations with China can be a major threat for its national security. The poor culture understanding between Australia and China has also increased the ideological distrust between the two rising nations. This has also negatively affected the economic relationship of China and Australia. The culture of both the regions differs from each other in several aspects. This must not be considered as an aspect of weak economical relations between the two countries. Australia must try to develop good cultural relationship with China, as it will foster good trade relations between the two countries and the trade between Australia and china can be profitable for both countries. (Capling, 2008) Other than this, Australia has many questions to address which may have various impacts on its future with China. There is an important question being discussed among the strategic mind of Australia based on its national interest and its defense policy. The questions that are the being discussed by Australian’s strategic mind revolves around its participation in the future war between America and China. Australia is also thinking over the fact that its defense system must be strong enough to face the China at any given time in future. Clearly one cannot deny the fact that the rise of China has been a threat for the military of Australia since World War II(Barker, 2011). The present Australian policy is not to appease or provoke China but to support and protect Australia and build its defense so that it can face any threat in unfavorable circumstances. Australia also holds certain policies regarding supporting US as they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(On Balance, Does the 'rise' Of China Present a Greater Opportunity or Essay)
On Balance, Does the 'rise' Of China Present a Greater Opportunity or Essay.
“On Balance, Does the 'rise' Of China Present a Greater Opportunity or Essay”, n.d.
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