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In analyzing international politics which is more important: sovereignty or power - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Analysis of international politics: sovereignty or power Introduction International politics touches on both sovereignty as well as power in a typical country. The major influence of international politics is sovereignty of states as compared to the power…
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In analyzing international politics which is more important: sovereignty or power
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"In analyzing international politics which is more important: sovereignty or power"

Download file to see previous pages Sovereignty forms a strong foundation of both international relations and international politics (Shilliam 2009, p.665). Analysis of the international politics Power of states in international politics was a major factor in the analysis of the international politics before the world war. In the states that could not defend their territories from the claims of other states, sovereignty could not apply to them. The cases were different from those states with sufficient military force to defend themselves. This enabled these super powers to regulate their territorial acquisition directly. This enabled these states to exert their actions to several other states due to the belief that their actions could not be questioned by the local domestic legislation. This led to the Westphalian system. In the Westphalian system, the common feature was the capacity of the most powerful states to use force against the less powerful states. This made power a very important factor in the analysis of international politics then (Chandler 2000, p.56). This approach limited the application of the international law to a great extent during this regime. After the Second World War, things changed tremendously. It is after this war that sovereignty became important in the analysis of international politics as compared to the power. According to the earlier Westphalian model, the superior force assisted in enforcing effective superiority. The Hague conference of 1905 was a major challenge to the Westphalian model because it shifted the policy makers away from the strong Westphalian model to a judicial concept of sovereignty. This created a framework for the application of the international ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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