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State sovereignty and globalization - Research Paper Example

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Introduction: Sovereignty is the ability of a state to carry out its affairs without interference from other states. A sovereign state determines its own affairs, be it economics, political, religious and social issues.1…
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State sovereignty and globalization
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Download file to see previous pages This is also possible because of the concept of globalization. Globalization has made it possible to disseminate and distribute information thousands of miles away. Globalization has also led to the emergence of other actors at the international arena, such as International Governmental Institutions. Examples of Inter-Governmental Institutions include the United Nations, NATO, European Union and the African Union. States have to cede some of the sovereign rights in order to be members of these organizations.2. Inter-Governmental Institutions as agents of Globalization: Inter-governmental organization is an institution that is composed of sovereign states, and they join it for the purposes of benefiting politically, socially or economically. The representatives of various governments sign treaties, which then pass through the process of ratification, to give the agreement a legal recognition. The inter-governmental institutions must not be confused with various treaty organizations. For instance the North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade are not examples of inter-governmental institutions, but they are examples of treaty organizations. Because inter-governmental organizations involve associations between governments at the international arena, it can be termed as an agent of globalization. ...
Some Inter-Governmental organizations are formed for the main purpose of restoring and preserving peace. An example of such an institution is the Formation of the League of Nation, after the end of the First World War. The institution was formed to prevent an emergence of another war, similar to the magnitude of the First World War. However, the institution failed to prevent the emergence of the Second World War. Because of this failure, the International community resolved to form the United Nations. One of the failures of the League of Nations is to attract United States of America as a member. United States refused to join the League of Nations, for purposes of protecting its sovereignty. The government of United States of America realized that joining the institution would amount to ceding some of its sovereign rights. Some inter-governmental organizations are formed to promote inter-governmental cooperation in relation to environmental conservation, human rights protection and social development. Examples include UN Habitat, United Nations Economic and Social Council, and Economic Community of West African States. Globalization in this context is seen through the interaction of States, to benefit from those associations either through trade, or advancement of their socio-political ideologies. This is the case of International Monetary Fund and the promotion of Liberalization of a State’s economy. This was the main ideology of United States and the Western parts of Europe3. They were the main financiers of IMF and World Bank. These institutions played a great role in opening up the economies of third world countries, and therefore eroding some elements of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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