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What Causes Conflict Among Nations - Essay Example

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Global politics has always been a touchy subject in relation to some areas as nations have not come to an overall understanding to all matters pertinent to their cohesion as members of the global community (Jabri 43). …
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What Causes Conflict Among Nations
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"What Causes Conflict Among Nations"

Download file to see previous pages One of these major issues that can be brought up for mention is the issue of conflict among nations (Hugh, Ramsbotham & Woodhouse 72). This conflict may exist in varying types and may not only involve outright war between two countries. There are more subtle conflicts between nations that take place in this day and age of politicizing strategies and economic competition. All these variations can be referred to as conflict amongst nations and one may not need to look hard to observe their presence or the impact they have had on the affected nations. In order to understand the issues that arise behind conflict between nations one has to identify the underlying causes that allow these conflicts to settle and take root. Once the main source of the problem has been located the matter is able to be effectively dealt with (Hugh, Ramsbotham & Woodhouse 39). With regard to the main cause of conflict among nations, it can be argued that power is the main culprit in many cases.
A majority of the conflict that arises between nations can be traced back to issues of power between the involved parties with the main question usually being “Who has the most?”
This power struggle can either take place via blunt ambition from the two nations with each showcasing their capabilities as in times of war, and it can also take place in a calmer pretext with political arguments and stances being the main tools initialized in this form of sparring. Types of Power Struggle Case Scenarios There are various positions that a conflict between nations may take, but they all result in the same conclusion, discontent among the involved nations. The issue of a power struggle may not always be observed from the cliche case scenario whereby it is the matter of a weaker power struggling against a mightier one (the classic David versus Goliath Situation), but as a result of the political bonds and legal agreements between nations amongst other factors, there are a number of case scenarios that a power struggle can take (Hugh, Ramsbotham & Woodhouse 67). It is essential that these scenarios be studied in order to better understand the reasons behind the struggle (Jabri 78). By doing this, one may be able to resolve the conflicts in an amicable manner that would preserve the relationships that may have been previously fostered between the involved nations. The main case scenarios involving power struggles include: 1. Too Much Power This is a case scenario whereby one or more of the nations involved in the conflict may feel that a group of nations or a particular one may hold too much power in certain matters and thus are intent on leveling the playing field. This power may take on a number of forms within the nation such as military, political or economic strength of a country (Stark 91). Nations that may be involved with such nations may feel the need to strengthen their position so as to get a better deal out of the relationship they are trying to foster. It should be noted that in such a case the main issue is not exactly that the power acquired by the nation in question is more than the protestors but to do more with the manner in which this power was acquired. Such conflicts usually arise when a nation or group of nations may feel aggrieved in a certain position as they feel they may have been put at a disadvantage via certain factors that may tend to lean the advantage towards the accused nation. A good example of this is the de-arming process in the Middle Eastern regions whereby nations may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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