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Ancient Influences: A Discussion of the Roman Empires Contributions to Modern Society Your Name Due Date Introduction High rising, marble temples, white ivory, columns, embossed chariots, armored gladiators, and a pantheon of gods represented by the planetary bodies in the sky; all are images that can be attributed to the great Roman Empire of the ancient world…
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Humanities/ Roman
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"Humanities/ Roman"

Download file to see previous pages The contributions make Rome, essentially, important and worthy of greater, continuing, and future study. Some of the greatest contributions influence our culture, our technology, and the very foundations of the United States of America. History The Roman Empire was began in753 BCE with the founding of a single city-state in Central Italy. The lands and culture of Rome would flourish and spread over 1200 years, as can be seen in the map below, spanning to include the Eastern Roman Empire, also called the Byzantine Empire, which outlived the Western Empire by several generations. As Rome began developing its culture they adopted and readapted the conquered cultures of the early Greeks and Hellenistic Greeks. Much of the pagan religion, philosophy, architecture, mythology, and art were borrowed from these societies. However, had Rome not done this, it is likely, we would have no knowledge today of Ancient Greek history; this part of history would be lost to us all together. It was not until the latter part of the Empire that they abandoned paganism and adopted Christianity. Despite its long success and immense power the Empire began to become unstable. The Western Roman Empire came to an end in, approximately, 476 CE, which marked the dismissal of the last Roman Emperor. The Eastern Roman Empire managed to survive for another 1000 years, but would ultimately fall to the Ottoman Turks in the year 1453 (Damerow 1). Discussion Rome’s influence on modern society is numerous and profound. Experts feel that it is by studying the Roman Empire we can directly get a better understanding of our modern society and its relied upon institutions (Thompson 9). Rome has given us everything from the traditional eating of three meals a day to the 12 month calendar we schedule our lives to and most of the Holidays that we celebrate. There are many more, which are fundamentally significant aspects of a modern society including, engineering and architecture, arts and literature, concepts of law, and government and politics. In order to understand how fundamentally we rely on these concepts, perspectives, and ideals that have been inherited from ancient Rome it is best to address each of the aspects individually in order to grasp their relevance, influence, and present day significance. Architecture and Engineering The Roman Empire possessed some of the greatest and most innovative technologies compared to other historical cultures before them. They introduce paved road systems and indoor baths, and, as can be seen in the images, the development of aqueducts and sewer systems. However, one of the grandest structures, also pictured, is the Coliseum. It remains one of the most impressive historical, architectural endeavors. These ancient structures have had a profound impact on modern society. The invention of early sewage and aqueduct technology is the seed of the systems that are used today (Damerow 1). The technology, the components, and materials may change and innovate, but the principals find their core in ancient Rome. Although, it was the Greeks that introduced the Olympics it was the Romans that introduced the “spectators’ sports.” The idea of gathering crowds, to support or oppose those that are providing entertainment began here. The Romans, however, favored spectator’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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