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Foundations of psychohistory by Llyod DeMause. Summary - Essay Example

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As argued by DeMause, the history of childhood is a nightmare and a lot of focus need to be shed on the childhood history (1). This relates to the fact that a lot of children have been neglected by their parents, what defines their development and growth as an aspect that is full of challenges…
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Foundations of psychohistory by Llyod DeMause. Summary essay
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"Foundations of psychohistory by Llyod DeMause. Summary"

Download file to see previous pages It is in this context that the author is of the opinion that in an event that other mothers would be brought to the world, then the children would be totally different (DeMause 2). This means that a lot needs to be done in the childhood stage of an individual. It is more wary that child rearing became an obvious activity for the psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists. This leaves the historian with a tricky starting point to understand childhood. Studies of the child have not been documented, making it more tasking for the historian. The new era of studying the child, according to the psychogenic theory, is linked with the development of the parent-child relationships, the generational change, emerging needs of the ‘novel’ child, and the psychic organization of passing of generations (DeMause 3). The author brings out the concept of projective and reversal reactions that have been major determinants of the kind of family that is brought up. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Foundations of Psychohistory by Llyod DeMause. Summary Essay)
Foundations of Psychohistory by Llyod DeMause. Summary Essay.
“Foundations of Psychohistory by Llyod DeMause. Summary Essay”, n.d.
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