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American Revolutionary War - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "American Revolutionary War" touches upon the historical events happened in America. Admittedly, as for the Sons of Liberty, this particular group of patriots was ultimately formed to promote an understanding an integration with the concept of the rights of the colonist.  …
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American Revolutionary War
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"American Revolutionary War"

Download file to see previous pages With respect to this particular analysis, the author will consider the way in which the group “The Sons of Liberty” provided just such a catalyst with respect to the events that helped ultimately to lead to through such a unit of analysis, it is the hope of this author that this catalyzing factor will be understood and appreciated to a more full and nuanced degree so that the reader will come to a more complete form of appreciation for the way in which this particular group, as well as many other tangentially related and similar groups within the era, were ultimately the main factors in helping to prompt moderates and firebrands towards a general consensus with respect to exercising the right to self-determination and throwing off the bounds of British colonialism. Through understanding this group and the mechanisms by which it spread and sought to create a newfound colonial identity, the reader can come to a more informed understanding with regards to the way in which the Sons of Liberty, and groups like it, were absolutely pivotal in determining the course of action that would take place leading up to and including the Revolutionary War period. Firstly, in seeking to understand the Sons of Liberty, it must be understood that this particular group of patriots was ultimately formed as a means of seeking to promote an understanding an integration with the concept of the rights of the colonist. As with many groups, the membership was from a wide array of stakeholders within the society of that time. Individuals who owned large businesses in the growing cities of the colonies along with stakeholders of society that had significantly less in terms of material wealth. This collection of individuals, fervently meeting and discussing aspects of independence and the means through which a further level of rights could be manifest ultimately began to protest the perceived abuses that the British colonials were meting out on them. As a form of this protest, these individuals organized street marches as well as planned and engaged in the Boston Tea Party. It is, of course, this Boston Tea Party that the group has become the most famous for in helping to engage the broader population of the colonies in an act of civil disobedience and seek to overthrow the ruling power of the British at that time. The hard-line tactics and level of anxiety and frustration that the Sons of Liberty were able to instill within the individuals they interacted. Naturally, the level of response for these activities was not muted; as the British responded with the Intolerable Acts and cracked down on the ways in which such groups were allowing for a vocal level of societal indignation over the perceived slights that the British government was performing.1 Yet, rather than stymieing their efforts, the success and visibility of the Sons of Liberty only encouraged the formation of further groups throughout the entire nation; spurred on by the rhetoric of liberty and the intense dislike of the way in which the colonies were being administered at that time.2 As a result of the groundswell of sympathy and support that the Sons of Liberty began to receive, they were able to encourage the formation of other revolutionary groups.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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