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Modern Latin America - Essay Example

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As the initial colonial outpost of the early-modern European world, Latin America has for a long time witnessed multifaceted procedures of cultural cross-pollination, adaptation, as well as suppression. …
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Modern Latin America
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"Modern Latin America"

Download file to see previous pages The colonial age in the Latin world should be considered as the region’s most influential years: the laws, norms, movements and conflicts, were significantly influential in deciding the character of the land today. It is known that the Spanish people were the only prominent power that fought over the Latin world to acquire their control (Keen & Haynes, 2012). This is why they have some much influence even to the Latin world of today. As Spain’s political power was merged in the second half of the 16th century, so was its capacity to control and regulate the colonial economy. Functioning in line with the mercantilistic strictures of that era, Spain endeavored to capitalize on ventures through exporting valuable products, such as silver and later other agricultural commodities and minerals (Keen & Haynes, 2012). They also supplied the new colonial market with already manufactured goods in order to create an encouraging balance of trade for the Latin world. Nevertheless, the strongly regulated trading dominion, based in Seville, was not always capable of providing the colonies effectively, and; therefore the Latin world later saws its independence (Edwards, 2010). This was after a number of successful fights against the Spanish army. Therefore, what changes marked the transition to independence? This paper will discuss the above question especially noting the issues of the Church, race, political legitimacy, neocolonialism, imperialism, sovereignty and national identity. Some of the three primary factors that this paper considers being the landmark of Latin America’s independence are the Catholic Church (separation of the church from the state), imperialism (a free market, the extension of public education and industrialization) and political legitimacy. Church The Church in Latin America bore the marks of its colonial and Iberian past following independence. Spain Catholics adopted a custom of strong faith, a vital doctrinal of enduring piety and knowledge (Keen & Haynes, 2012). Adherence itself was a means of knowledge because, in the Mass, people learnt the scriptures, the doctrines, as well as the secrets of the Catholic faith. Portugal broadcasted an orthodox Catholicism, as well, but with a lower degree of adherence and a less doctrinal knowledge. Everywhere, religion and faith in Latin America was a religious conviction of the citizens and the Church went to receive the observance and the admiration of the mestizos, Indians and other popular people (Edwards, 2010). Supreme groups were less devoted, and the prominent respect for the Church in the 19th century was the apostasy of the influential people, not the neglect of the masses. The Iberian convention in religion favored a well known, honored and a state-ran Church (Keen & Haynes, 2012). But, following independence, the church opted to separate itself from the states. The influential, wealthy and privileged people of the Church were perceived by the new states as an opponent focus of adherence, a source of revenue and a substitute power. The risk of state control emerged in a new form after independence (Edwards, 2010). The Church, therefore, had to look to its own assets and these, in the early 19th century, were thinning. The church was granted an advantaged position because it was also prevalent in Europe at that time. The entire region was typified by great rates of Catholicism after independence. Catholicism rates reached as high as 90% out of the entire Latin American population. Following independe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modern Latin America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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