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Asian history - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: In the period of 6th century B.C.E. an immense philosophical development was witnessed in ancient China. Many spiritual leaders came into being with beliefs and religious convictions to the people. However, the two most notable spiritual leaders in this period were Confucius and Lao-tzu who lived to teach new beliefs…
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Asian history
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Download file to see previous pages There are three meanings of Tao (Taoism) that Lao-tzu describes in is teachings and philosophical ideas. In the teachings of Taoism, the universe and everything in it follows a mysterious and unidentified force referred to as Tao which is translated plainly as “The way.” There are three meanings that assist in the understanding of the “way” described by Lao-tzu. The first meaning is that Tao refers to the ultimate reality in which its diversity cannot be conceived or understood by human nature. The Tao is not equal to anything, but this undefined and superior Tao is the basis for everything; moreover, it is a way that is above all in the universe and a mystery to human beings. In all the things of the world, Tao is definitely the greatest and its existence cannot be denied by anyone or anything. This concept for instance, perceives that Tao is only comparable to God from the Old Testament who is indescribable (Oldmeadow 96). The second meaning of Tao is that it is definitely immanent in that it is the driving force for all existence and the way that people should follow. The Tao in this case clarifies that the being takes the form of “flesh” guidance to ever which gives guidance to everything in the world. It is like an intense spirit, assumes a complete being, defeats even the most glittering existences, and exists like dust or spirit. The Tao is like a sprit and not a substance that can be exhausted and it flows forever. The Taoism bible, Tao Te Ching indicates that everything is one regardless of the appearances. It gives life to all things and therefore, Tao is the Mother of the Universe that ensures the existence of everything in it. Smith gives an example that Tao is “Graceful rather than abrupt, flowing rather than hesitant…flows with purpose” (Oldmeadow 96). The third meaning of Tao describes it as the path of human life that is related to the ruler of the universe. This indicates that human beings live in accordance with the universe and therefore, living in Tao. In addition, it means finding a balance between negative and positive energies within the universe. Nature should not be damaged or abused but rather humans should strive to maintain naturalness in all things (Oldmeadow 96). The three approaches to Daoism are intellectual (Philosophical), Psycho-physical, and spiritual (religious). Philosophical Daoism is an approach that aims at conserving “te” or power with teachers focusing of coaching. This philosophical idea was generated by Laozi and Zhuangzi in a concept that focuses on the idea of “wu wei.” Wu Wei is a term that means Quite Creativity that advocates for preserving life liveliness by ensuring that one does not spend uselessly. The concept advocates for minimal friction or conflicts within interpersonal relationships and in relation to the natural world (Haldan 10). The psycho-physical Daoism approach is the essence of enhancing the level of “Ch’i” (breath or crucial energy) through proper diet (food and herbs), martial arts (discipline), and meditation (Yoga). Ch’i is increased by ensuring consumption of necessary supplements nutritionally. In addition, absorption of ch’i is achieved from the universe and allowing inner flow through efficient body movements. Physical exercises are necessary in Daoism through activities like Yoga to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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