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Socrates: Political Science and Philosophy - Essay Example

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The thoughts that Socrates held are true to a large extent and his stands are agreeable and rational. An analysis of the statement he made to his followers has been discussed below…
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Socrates: Political Science and Philosophy
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"Socrates: Political Science and Philosophy"

Download file to see previous pages The arguments that Socrates had put forward to challenge the existing ideas of Athens of that time had been written down by Plato in Apology. The book is written down in a conversational manner by which Socrates defends his position as an atheist and as the one who has corrupted the youth. The specific topic that this essay deals with is mentioned in the 32a section of Apology. The thoughts that Socrates held are true to a large extent and his stands are agreeable and rational. An analysis of the statement he made to his followers has been discussed below. Socrates has drawn a line between a public and private life, so he has distinguished the two. A public life revolves around the subjects related to the state. The issues of the state include the aspects of the social welfare and public benefits. Socrates claims that this life is not spiritual, but materialistic. This is because it revolves around worldly interests like the government and politics. Socrates explains that he has detested this public life despite him not being able to contribute anything worth to the city he is most affectionate about. Socrates states that if an individual wants to hold a just position in the society, a private life is the way to do this. A human being who would be leading a life of holiness, integrity, contemplation, and self-examination strictly needs to lead his/her life privately. Socrates believes that the material possessions and the status of individuals in the society are not significant at all. By taking part in politics a person cannot contribute anything to the society and deserves to die. The delicate and important issues related to life can only be deliberated in the private life and not while living a public life. These issues require a critical examination and unless this exercise is undertaken by the people the life becomes meaningless. However, Socrates did not believe in a complete isolation from the society. He believed in spreading his ideas by teaching his disciples as well as the common men he met in the marketplace or in the streets. He had willingly taught his ideas to people who had shown interest for his fresh new thought. He, nevertheless, maintained that he was not responsible for the improper actions of the people who had listened to his teachings. The central argument of Socrates is that those individuals who are interested to stand for justice need to pursue a private life. The ideals of life cannot be achieved by leading a public life. Socrates was a man of principle and, therefore, he practiced what he preached. He never got involved politically into the matters of the state or delivered any kind of opinion about how the administration of Athens can be improved. He never gave out any opinion in the assembly apart from the time when he had to defend his position about contravention of the existing law in public. This stand of Socrates may be somewhat impracticable. Human beings are social animals. Every individual grows up and survives in the society with the cooperation of fellow individuals in the society. It is not possible for people to ignore social relations and live a life of isolation. The society would not progress and the daily lives of the individuals would be jeopardized if they did not take part in social activities. It is essential to run a state and set up the legislation of law otherwise the common man would not have any concrete guiding principle that would show the way in which they would live their lives. The mental health of the individuals would also not be developed if they did not interact with other individuals. Socialization would help people to have an insight into various aspects of life and may show them the path of a new philosophical thought. The philosopher believed that if he stayed away from the public he would be able to live a comparatively long life. He felt that it was better to challenge the existing rules and laws rather than supporting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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