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Positive effects on future U.S. national security based on global trends 2030 - Assignment Example

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Positive effects on future U.S. national security based on global trends 2030 Description With the increasing change in population and the technological changes that accompany globalization there is a great need to prepare for almost every sector of the government…
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Positive effects on future U.S. national security based on global trends 2030
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"Positive effects on future U.S. national security based on global trends 2030"

Download file to see previous pages Although there are several elements of global trends, this policy paper will only analyze three of the trends which may have very huge positive effects in future. (Carpenter & Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005). NIC should be able to provide framework regarding global trajectories by thinking about probable future and their consequences because it is not possible to predict the future. Explanation There is likeliness that the world of 2030 will be a different world ushering a new era of democratization both at the local and international level. There will be possibility of numerous changes concerning diffusion of power, individual empowerment, demographic changes and growth of food, water and energy nexus (Field & Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2012). Looking at the demographic patterns, there is needed to check on the aging, youthfulness, migration and urbanization because they will have a considerable influence on international relations. Perhaps, by 2030 the population may have gone much higher than expected hence leading to serious constraint on resources that are already very limited. Possibly, there will be a shrinking number of youthful societies hence creating uphill battle of sustaining the living standards because of the large number of aged individuals who may not be able to work and feed the world sufficiently. In addition, there may be increased number of urbanization prompting increase in housing facilities and other amenities in the urban centers and lower food production globally (National Intelligence Council, 2012). Food, water and energy will have their demand going high due to population increase as well as worsening state of climate. Global warming may have serious effects on these critical resources owing to serious crisis. Water levels will go down accompanied by increase in precipitation that would largely increase scarcity in the world. It is undeniable also that the energy consumption shall have gone very high (Carpenter & Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005). There is also likeliness of increase in individual empowerment in the coming years which may have a major impact by 2030. Individual empowerment may have very significant effect on poverty reduction being that the middle class will go high due to improved education standards as well as improved healthcare. Middle class will be regarded as the most vital class in the society especially being that they are both cause and effect of other trends such as improved communication and production technologies. Individual initiative will play an important role in taking personal initiatives in solving increasing global challenges. Most people will have access to disruptive technologies by 2030 which may enable them to initiate violence or any other form of information most likely through the social media (National Intelligence Council, 2012). Analysis Looking at demographic patterns, there are issues that should be carefully analyzed such as aging, youthful Societies and states, migration and urbanization which may impose serious threat on the National intelligence Council. It is undeniable that the age structure is rapidly changing and will therefore have significant influence on the demographic pattern. Particularly, there would be an increase in aged and median age groups may impose health challenges. Youthful minority may have very huge effect when it comes to instability in many countries around the world. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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