The Changing Nature of the Global Business Environment and Its Impact on the Corporate Security Function - Term Paper Example

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This paper examines the adjusting character of the business environment and the force of global business on corporate security. The global business environment can be defined as the different environments available in different countries, with factors exogenous to the locality of an organization. …
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The Changing Nature of the Global Business Environment and Its Impact on the Corporate Security Function
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Download file to see previous pages The global business can be categorized into two broad classifications, that is, the internal environment and the external environment. This includes the social, economic, political, regulatory, technological environment. However, the political environment plays a critical role in the business environment as it influences legislation and regulation under which a foreign country will operate in. In order for companies operating internationally to function effectively, they must be aware of the social environment of the host countries, for instance, the culture and their language. As globalization is taking effect in most countries, this has also led to several changes in the international business environment. According to Hamilton 2005, the changes include; emergence and growth of new trading blocs and major changes to the existing one, for instance, development of the European Union, emergence of new markets with a great potential of growth, changes of the fundamental economic system in some countries and regions, diminishing international trade barriers, growth of multinational organizations, development of modern communication technology, and the positive impact that communication has had to the global business environment (Brattnaite and Drahos 2000).

The progress made in the liberalization of international trade- this aspect is of importance in regard to the growth of the global business. The World Trade Organization (WTO) through consensus with other stakeholders has agreed to remove trade barriers such as quotas and tariffs. This move has greatly contributed to the rise and importance of international business.

Cosmopolitan customers have contributed to the growth of international business. Most consumers in this era are mobile. They move or travel from one place to another. The mobile nature of consumers combined with the improved global media network means that consumers are exposed to new stuff in the market, and accessibility (Moran et al 2010).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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