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Woman Renaissance - Essay Example

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A number of renaissance issues came up in the modern Europe period, especially after the agricultural revolution and following the commencement of industrialization across Europe. This occurred amidst numerous challenges and divides such as economic and social classes, as well as capabilities and gender roles in society. …
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Woman Renaissance
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"Woman Renaissance"

Download file to see previous pages One such case of women renaissances lies in the curiosity that came up amongst women in modern Europe following the recognition of a patriarchal order in society thus women were put in their own unique situation to engage in their desires. This is especially so in England, where women discovered overcame the issue of contemporary dressing that was common at that time and adopted a more adventurous dress code. The above-mentioned dress code defied their role as people who stayed at home and away from the public limelight for preservation of a pure bloodline, and made them into suspicious beings in the eyes of men. The women’s revolution further covered the ownership of property by women, where to many, if any could own property. Concerning those that owned property it was regarded as highly unusual as it was unlikely in the first place for a woman to have property of any kind in her own name. In this case property was totally patriarchal in that it could only be passed to male members of a family (McKay 395). Looking at merchant families reveals that in spite of family background in terms of religious differences and only allowed inheritance through the male line. The different social backgrounds that were overlooked by this patriarchal tendency include religion and social values, as all this was embedded in classical values as shown by the sidelines at which women were kept. There were also leadership issues towards the renaissance of women in early modern Europe, where there was debate about female rulers, where royal born women were given an education and rights (McKay 393). This was part of the renaissance in that it openly defied gender roles and partially welcomed female responsibility, where women could be rulers. In addition, ownership of property was fully meant for the glory of men, where they were to be honored and respected by women at all times since they were at the mercy of men. These also involved keeping women away from public life and were isolated at home in an attempt to ensure that their fertility was preserved towards the purity of bloodlines. This is in an attempt to ensure that male line of inheritance was purely familial and not from bastard sons. The above is termed as part of keeping man away from evil following biblical accounts stating that Eve was the villain that brought about suffering unto man thus purity as further depicted by the story of the virgin Mary had to be maintained (McKay 396). In addition, this occurred by keeping women isolated in their homes, where even artwork in the form of paintings indicate the isolation of women by being drawn next to windows (McKay 417). This is especially so in the case of England and France, where the church had a strong influence and only served to ensure that the traditionalist trends of the day and age were followed. This serves towards showing the lack of a renaissance for women in modern Europe due to religious lines and traditionalist ideologies that kept women away from owning property and even having a life outside of their houses as they were seen as treacherous beings (McKay 396). In addition to this, their sense of worth was highly demeaned, as their parents had to pay bride price for their marriage making the perception towards them be highly negative as they were of no economic worth except bringing expenses. However, women did have a renaissance in early modern Europe, as it brought about curiosity, as earlier mentioned in the concept of sexuality, only that in this case it was drawn towards knowledge. During this time, there arose a sense of awareness amongst women who strived to have more knowledge and overcome their conventional roles ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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