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Review: 1776 by David McCollough - Book Report/Review Example

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The central plot of the story is the military events occurred during that year and battles described were the one at Long Island, Trenton and Dorchester Hegihts…
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Book Review: 1776 by David McCollough
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"Review: 1776 by David McCollough"

Download file to see previous pages In this book, the author has attempted to describe history as a story. The novel writes about the fighting between two premier fighting force of the world the continental Army of America and the British Navy. Here the George Washington led army is inexperienced but they move forward with an aspiration to seek freedom. The men in war The war story of McCollough includes some personalities like George Washington, King George, Nathaniel Greene, General William, Admiral Lord Richard Howe, Charles Lee and Henry Cox. The author with the help of much research into this historical event has made it evident to people about what is to be like alive in those period of time. In the earlier months of the year 1776, America was victorious in winning Boston and brought British under siege for many months. However, it is the win at Dorchester heights which brought victory to Washington and forced British to leave the city with loyalists. At last the winning of New York by George Washington gave America freedom from British army. The endeavor of American Army Here, the novel narrates the story of war between the American Army under the leadership of George Washington and King George led British Army. Surprisingly, the American army consists of inexperienced men when compared to the strong British army and Navy. The author showcases the American army as rugged, grass roots and underdog when compared to the more sophisticated and refined British army. But still he claims that American army was brilliant and was lucky in its endevaour.The American army had a lot of work to be done because the British army had the support of loyalist who joined them from the part of America. Moreover, George Washington was less competent in war strategies and areas that needed to be defended. The novel also pinpoints terrible types of human beings in the American army and also the discrepancies in their way of waging war. However, with the patriotic spirit of American army they won the Boston city and scared off the much trained and skilled British Army. But the American army had to face the rebellion in New York .It was interesting to understand the unity and valor of American army even though they were not trained or skilled in war tactics. The only strength of the American army was the passion and love they held for their country. Even while facing a strong enemy, American army did not put their feet back. The American army moved on to win freedom for their country through all odds and uncertainty. Uncertainty of war The novel gives immense knowledge about the uncertainties and diversities of a war ground. Here, we can see the helplessness of American army which is devoid of army men . This war of 1776 has taught many lessons to George Washington regarding strategies of war and plans needed to operate it. The American army was filled with rough guys who are common working men and the chances of America to win against organized British were less. However the patriotism and unity of the American army succeeded them in winning the Boston city. Unluckily, George Washington was not a war leader and had no war strategies to encounter British Navy and army. The British army had 32,000 soldiers and many ships to fight and American army looked fragile in front of them. After the Boston, it was New York on the list of American army and Washington was aware that it would be a hard fight to win. The New York City was filled with loyalist and winning it was a hard aim for American army. Moreover the army was fluctuating in size and also was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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