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American life between the years 1919-1929 - Essay Example

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Name Professor History and Political Science Date American Life between the Years 1919-1929 In 1920, there were efforts made by Americans to create sensitive obligations to foreigners and denounce ideas that were considered fundamental such as un-American way of life (Aboukhadijeh 1)…
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American life between the years 1919-1929
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American life between the years 1919-1929

Download file to see previous pages... Besides, there were hysterical fears regarding the red Russia, which were attributed to the influence caused by Bolshevik revolution that had occurred earlier in 1917; in fact, this paper will focus on exploring significant issues concerning life between the years 1919 to 1929. During this period, there was anxiety heightened by epidemic attack, which had convulsed the America at the end of the war; in fact, some people had a belief that there were labor tribulations fomented by Bolsheviks. Moreover, this led to campaigns against people who were suspected of having relations with radicals that had been deported to Russia due to cases of Wall Street bombing that led to death of thirty eight people (Aboukhadijeh 1). Furthermore, it was during the same period that a number of state legislature was passed, which involved laws on criminal syndicalism. Besides, this prohibited advocacy of violence in the effort to securing social change, through use of words to achieve the same were not criminalized. Conservative businesspeople abolished their association with unions, thereby leading to a reflection of cases referred to as “judicial lynching.” These cases led to conviction of people such as Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti; in fact, this case involved prejudice by the judge against the defendant due to the mere fact that they were foreigners from Italy, however, this led to rallies made by liberal radicals, and this led to their execution (Aboukhadijeh 1). It was during the same period that America saw the spawning of Ku Klux Klan after the reaction of the war aftermath; in fact, this was seriously spread during the 1920s (Aboukhadijeh 1). Moreover, this was related to notions against Catholics, Jews, Pacifist, Communist, birth-control, evolution, and internationalist; thus, Klan was spreading vigorously to the Midwest of south peak in the mod 1920s, thereby affecting more than five million American citizens. Later in 1920s, there were efforts, made by some American to end this movement through the congressional investigation after a stern warning. This period was also faced with increased number of immigrants, who entered and settled in the country; in fact there approximately eight hundred thousand, whereby two-third came from southern and eastern part of Europe. On the other hand, it was during the same period, the Congress focused in ending the breach with Emergency Quota Act of 1921, whereby immigrants from Europe were constrained in duration of year based on the quota (Aboukhadijeh 1). Later in 1924, there was a replacement of the Immigration Act with a stopgap legislation that had been formulated in 1921. In fact, this led to reduction of the three to two percent of the national origins for those who migrated. Apparently, there were prohibitions against immigrants from Japan, since America was not allies with this country; in fact, others in this list included Canadians and Latin Americans. Therefore, the immigration act in 1924 was the end of the immigration that has been unrestricted; thus, by this moment America has turned into country with numerous ethnic communities. There were efforts aimed at organizing the labor unions but they were all in vain due to ethnic difference, which led discrimination based on social class and political solidarity. During this period, there were progressive reforms aimed at prohibiting the support for crusading churches and women, due to Eighteenth Amendment in 1919 (Aboukhadijeh 1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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